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  • jimmy31272003 jimmy31272003 Jan 5, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

    gme on cnbc lighting round tonight

    I am long gme but tonight on a huge up day they said it was going to go the way of Barnes and Noble ... because of digital downloads ... I read last quarter report in a little more detail gross sales up due to exchange rate... same store sales down from previous year there bright spot was digital downloads and with gasmming moving towards that they do what management there idear is opening up more big box stores i rode rite aid down same way not this time i am out .... selling at the high.... ps who knows how things went xmass season but with heavy promotions announced on dec 20 th sounds like catch up time might be good numbers

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    • But if digital growth revenues can be shared with the bricks stores and there are ways of doing that then problem solved.

      And last earning report is unfair analysis if you fail to.factor in the drop of 30% in a rial new software product to sell.

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      • Digital dnloading can only Go so far too.
        You cannot digitally dnload Mario Kart 7 or Skyward Sword or Super Mario 3D land.

        Meanwhile, Gamestop can sell only the popular brands of tablets and smartphones instead of Barnes and Noble stuck selling Nooks only.

        So Lightning Round analysis declaring that Gamestop is Barnes and Noble is stupid.

        Will digital dnloading present problems? Sure.

        Are they so unsolvable that investors should quit and sell off their shares?

        I don't think so...

        I think the Management is smart enough to find offsets to perceived issues.

        I.E. If say preowned sales slip 5% due to digital dnloading in the next three years. Don't you think the Itrade program, and possible business Spawn Labs could bring to Bricks stores, and future M&A could offset that?

        Look...Gamestop has with tablets the correct infrastructure to move into microtransactions.

        Jolt was acquired as a Facebook Social Games.developer. It isn't inconceivable that their games move out of Facebook dependancy to tablets. IN the long run as Publishers become retailers, Gamestop just needs to become a publisher.

        If Gamestop becomes a publisher of games and amassed a solid number of talented games developers then they ultimately control the formats those games are sold for.

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