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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Jan 6, 2012 6:54 AM Flag

    Barnes Informer magazine

    UH no. Blockbuster nor Barnes and noble have ever produced their magazine and have a subscriber base in the top 5 US subscribed to publications.

    It is just another example. If Gamestop can build and expand existing new businesses and find new businesses for the bricks stores as they have already done....Then what is the issue?

    The retailer is in a far greater position to succeed than any other retailer when you take into account that all books that Barnes and Noble sells have become digital...while that is NOT the case for Video Games.

    And PS VITA plus 3DS being the newest game systems are selling physical products for the system.

    Consoles aren't shutting down the physical software business at all this year or next year.

    Meanwhile Gamestop can continue to sell digital DLCs and other digital products in-store so as to spread the digital wealth to the bricks stores. Barnes and Noble is cutting their own throats by selling digital books for a cheaper price than physical. Gamestop's used games business with the 10% off via Rewards program is doing the opposite. They can and have sold physical used products for cheaper than digital.

    Sure Gamestop has to walk a tightrope to ensure that the physical games business can still be a good choice for customers by being price competitive. Jim's Cramer thinks the trade in program does not accomplish that and he is flat out wrong.

    But, lets see what happens in September when Amazon has to collect California sales tax.

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