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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Jan 7, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    Gamestop stores can sell digital

    What's the idea? Brain dead analysis 101?

    Gamestop just has to compete on pricing and deals against other digital retailers...period....

    They could theoretically allow digital dnloading of software in-store as well as pre-owned trade-in program on the digital dnload....

    As long as it occurs on memory sticks/cards or some such.

    And last I checked my Nintendo 3DS has an SD Card.

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    • Just for Clarification:

      I am fully aware the 3DS SD Cards do not allow for digital game downloading but are primarilly for storing data, photos, etc.

      But, in a futuristic world painted by "SHORT SELLERS like Jimmy" where somehow physical games no longer exist...

      Then what will the futuristic game machine, mobile game machine, look like?

      I say it could look like having a memory card/stick powerful enough to store at least 1 7GB+ video game onto it.

      Gamestop could create downloading booths/computers allowing you to select a game to download and ultimately save money versus their competitors. Cause you could trade-in your downloading Memory Card/Stick (with the game on it) to Gamestop....and use the money towards your next Memory Card/Stick that has whatever game you wanted on it.

      I don't see how that is the least bit of a stretch.

      Everyone says you can not do Digital Pre-Owned. You can if video game systems allow you to digitally download your game directly onto your memory hardware.

      And the game sits there not being able to be transferred to some Mobile Game Machine Harddrive.

      Or otherwise you may need a special CODE which activates when you wish to play the game on your machine's hard drive, and deactivates when you wish to transfer the game back onto your Memory Card so you can Re-Sell it.

      That's what I am getting at.

      I do not see that as a that much of a stretch.

      And that brings me to Barnes and Noble. Perhaps they could do this for Digital Books? If I can not find what I am looking for physically, I could dnload what I want onto an SD Card and transfer it later to my NOOK or I could dnload it to a FLASH DRIVE and transfer that digital book to my PC Computer at home.

      But anytime I do a Digital Dnload inside the Barnes and Noble store, the money goes directly to that Bricks Store and not to "THE COMPANY" which is clearly inept at spreading the revenues around.

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