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  • francozampetti francozampetti Jan 26, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Xbox 720 won't support used games

    Microsoft will not bite the hand that feeds it. First thing first - it's only a rumour and a hard one to believe at that. Not supporting used also means not supporting reatailers in general. Since BBY, GME, Amazon all have used business models in their business. I would think that GME's position would be that if they had to fight for the right to have used games play on XBOX, they might have to fight to gain valuable retail shelf space at their 6700 stores in 18 countries. That in and of itself is not insignificant. Especially considering that regardless of price point, any new system to sell at retail is typically negative margine for that retailer. AFter all, the current trend in social media games is addicting game play, not ultra high tech game processing. Maybe Microsoft hasn't heard of this little company called Zynga. Low graphics, high playablility.

    More importantly, this is more of slap in the face to consumers than retailers and could easily backfire just like netflicks strategy. Telling a customer "no" usually doesn't sit well with them. For the Moms and Dads out there who will be forced to buy $70 new games (easily the price points by 2014), no used or trade in option will sour them on that platform. I would hate to be Microsoft during their launch when 50000 GME associates are telling customers "it's cool but games cost too much and, you can't trade or play used games". That will go over as much as a fart in church.

    And ultimately, this type of strategy can only hurt the entire industry as a whole, not excelusive to GME. During a time when the video game sector is trying to maintain relevance, doing anything to sour the customer from a total gaming cycle can only hurt them in the end.

    I would say look for clarification from GME or Microsoft on this topic soon. Not to worry for GME.

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    • I agree 100%. Plus the FTC might have something to say about such a move, something that Microsoft wouldn't risk.

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      • I also agree 100%. This wouldn't necessarily hurt Gamestop as much, but Microsoft would definetly be hit hard. Microsoft would basically be giving the finger to all other companies, developers of games and stores, stating that you will only play our stuff. Ain't going to happen--especially with all the hand held devices and tablets out there. Apple would be laughting at that. Notice now the Gamestop is taking in trade Apple products. Wonder Why? because they know that Apple products are not only popular but profitable. GME wants to please any type of gaming device out there whether its hand held device, games on phones, tablets whatever the person wants. Plus nobody can and has matched their trade in practice. Nobody can. Best Buy toyed with it, Amazon thought about it, but none have done it or will be successfull at it. People like the satisifaction of trading in older games and hardware to update, that has been a strong point. If microsoft wants (strictly rumor)to buck the trend---they will only damage themselves. Just my opinion, but from a lot of gamers I know they won't be going out and buying Just Microsoft products, that won't play older games or such. Little dip here today because of this non-sense. Cut off your nose to spite your face mentality. Back up above $25, when news comes out by Xbox thats not the case. Take a look at what happened to Netflix last year when they did the public a wrong.

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