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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 18, 2012 7:48 PM Flag

    Why CLOUD gaming doesn't work

    2) CASH: Teenagers do not own Debit/Credit Cards. Do you expect them to beg their Parents to buy their CLOUD games now?

    How many sales will be lost from Teenagers too embarrassed, self-conscious to have to have mommie and daddie buy their video games for them all the time?

    Mature rated games are listed as 17+ which means expecting an 18 year old that is no longer a Dependant to have to beg Mommie and Daddie to use their Credit Card to buy a video game.

    Right... The 18 year old is getting ready to move several states away to a College. They are now in their DORM...

    They see a game called, "Massacre Assassin." rated for 17+ for excessive violence.

    Are you going to expect them to call up MOMMIE and DADDIE and have them recite Debit/Credit Card numbers over the phone?

    Oh sure...You can expect a College Teen to have their own Credit Card/Debit Card. But, not ever College Teen will want or have a need for one.

    College Dorm, Meal Plans, all expenses typically paid through a Government Loan that will automatically transmit payment to the University. College Teen never needs a Credit/Debit card to pay for College.

    They EAT off of their Meal Plans....

    They get cash through their on campus bank by Check Withdrawal or Withdrawal slip.

    Some banks have Withdrawal slips now that resemble checks allowing you to withdraw money even if you do not have a Check book.

    Parents can Direct Deposit money to their College Son or Daughter's savings accounts.

    In short. A lot of High School/College Aged Kids will have an extremely difficult time to an impossible time participating in a CLOUD ONLY universe that demands a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD as payment.....Leaving CASH obsolete.

    .....continued in reply....

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    • 3) Collector's Editions: Ok maybe you are "THORMANN" and you do not see the point in Collector's edition version of video games.

      But, the physical Collector's edition of Mass Effect 3 sold out 2.5 months in advance of its release date. That tells me that there are THOUSANDS who do see the point in them.

      Sure we can digitize the Art Books...Digitize the music soundtracks. Digitize everything.

      Forcing consumers to have to purchase a blank disc to burn the Digitized Soundtrack onto the blank disc....then label the disc....then transport the disc to their CD Changer in their car. Then finally! They get to enjoy their Music Soundtrack for their Beloved video game.

      Or hell...we can drop the fantasy that consumers will be thrilled with DIGITIZED everything.

      We can drop the fantasy that a DIGITIZED version of Nightvision Goggles is superior to actually have Nightvision Goggles (Call of Duty: MW2 Collector's Edition).

      I for one do not think consumers will be pleased to live in a world of DIGITIZED everything.

      What happens to Spyro's Adventures? That video game is entirely dependant upon the purchase of TOYS to play.

      You buy a PHYSICAL toy...and you have a PHYSICAL pod to place the toy on. Then the video game now has a digitized version of your Toy on screen for you to play.

      Are we going to FLUSH that entire concept down the toilet simply because THORMANN thinks digital only is the way of the future of Video Gaming?

      Good. I didn't think so.


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      • Wow, just. Uhm WOW. I think I'm just gonna stop messing with you cause when this stock goes south there's no telling what you might do... I'll just quit this and not be a future Target. Hope you get the help you need.

      • 4) Instruction Manuals:

        In CLOUD gaming you do not *own* anything. You have only *access* to things. Games and Instruction Manuals.

        Here's a problem with digitized instruction manuals.

        They have to share the same screen as your video game if you can even multi-task the Instruction Manual by having it overlay the video game.

        That is ugly.

        Who wants to figure out how to locate the particular Screen Pass ELI Manning and the Giants are famous for while your game clock is ticking down?

        A Paper Instruction Manual is the way to go. You lay it out in front of you so you can eyeball it for reference.

        You don't want to EXIT out of your video up digital instruction manual.....close out of Digital Instruction manual....Re-Load video game...

        When in the physical world you can prop up your Instruction Manual on your Table, eye level, while your video game is running real time.

        Which is superior? Having a Digital Instruction Manual blocking your Video Game screen, or having to litterally exit out of your Video Game just to read the Manual?


        Physical Manual propped infront of you on a table while you are enjoying playing your video game?

        I'll take physical any day....and I doubt consumers will warm up to the concept of the PDF, DIGITAL instruction manual.

        Take my Samsung Galaxy SII smart phone. Most of the functions on the phone I have no clue how to use.


        Because I had no idea at the time that Stupid Samsung didn't include a physical manual with the cell phone.

        Next time I will demand a physical instruction manual with my smart phone. B.S. not having one.

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