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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 18, 2012 8:52 PM Flag

    Why CLOUD gaming doesn't work

    9) Job Losses) Yes this has to be brought up.

    America lives in a 8.3% Unemployment rate. That is ugly. And it will only get worse if we switch to CLOUD gaming only universe.

    Now we have Supermarkets laying off employees in the Video Game section of their stores.... Video Game stores shutting down. Best Buy shutting down their video games business, laying off more workers there...

    COSTCO cutting jobs....

    AMAZON may be forced out of the business...possible job losses there...

    And it spreads like an less jobs in retail means less jobs overall....less people employed, means a huge drop in Consumer Spending (in general).

    And the drop in consumer spending is a domino effect on other industry's causing more job losses.

    All to worship at the altar of CLOUD / DIGITAL, I suppose.

    But Video Game Developers will soon find the Video Games businesses nearly impossible to succeed at.

    Gone will be the days of AAA titles....Grandiose Franchises like Mass Effect.... As Profits are Sucked Dry we will be reduced to Re-iterations of ANGRY BIRDS.

    99 cent super simple titles only. Cause who wants to spend $1 million developing a video game that sells for $60 in a universe of double digit+ unemployment global wide?

    NO ONE will afford to buy the expensive titles and so no one will make them anymore.

    Kiss *HALO FRANCHISE* good bye.

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