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  • johnmr12 johnmr12 Sep 25, 2012 8:59 PM Flag


    I agree with you that investors don't understand GME. However, they do understand beating earnings estimates, share buybacks, and increased dividend payouts. If you believe the company can meet or exceed the high end of their earnings target of $3.30 a share, anything under $24 is a good investment, and all the sheep who are selling and shorting today will be buying and covering in feb.

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    • The reasons that GME is about to explode in the next 6 months are--

      1. iphone trade ins will not only continue but should surge as Q4 gets rolling. Look for potential upside to the effects that business to the bottom line. Keep in mind that at GME, if you want cash for your trade, you receive less than if it were store credit. That's good for GME since alot of people will want the cash if they plan on upgrading to i5 or samsung whatever.
      2. tablet sales will continue to grow. will probably outpace their conservative estimates.
      3. WiiU presales are sold out. TV commercials haven't even started in mass yet along with the traditional "what's the hottest toy" pieces they'll run on your nightly news as we get closer to Thanksgiving. Nintendo may have been hurting as of late but they do know how to get those characters (like Mario) out into the public to help build steam towards the launch. GME will get more than their allocations of units once the initial add ons become known.
      4. GME will dominate in add on / attach rate. This is huge because as the analysts are quick to point out, there are slim margins in hardware. Yes, sometimes GME associates can be a little pushy when asking for extended warranties, extra controllers, books etc. That's what we want here folks! It's a business and the expectation of GME associates is that they sell and keep selling until their customers leave with everything they need. GME will easily outpace Wal-Mart, Target, BBY, etc on that front. Those other retailers are happy to just let the customer buy what they want.

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