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  • stocktrader486 stocktrader486 Apr 29, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    What goes up, must come down

    I have seen this many times before and I could be incorrect on this, but as this is being valued on forward sales potential if there are any shortfalls the stock will suffer as such.

    This will be an interesting story to watch, the volatility will absolutely be there. I commend any longs that have made money on the short squeeze upward, but the shorts are not going anywhere on this.

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    • p.s. I like how all the upgrades come at the all time highs instead of when this was trading in the teens to lower 20's...

      How many long term investors actually trust this? The value buyers bought this up ages ago... and are way in the money... if the volume dries up and the price moves back down they will leave along with the hedgies/funds.

      JMHO. I could be wrong as anyone is, just seems the debt free volatile structure of this company based on all the competitive factors... could really hurt GME going forward, regardless of new consoles this year and GTA5... there are a LOT of factors that will and can hurt GME....

      Also, we are already trading up on console speculation and GTA sales and all of that.... i doubt that fuel will continue as it is priced in... so any shortfall of ANYthing will result in pain for longs... Then shorts will outweigh the longs even further... and drive back the stock to lows.

      Also, if market proves to show any weakness you better believe people will leave this Company to find better defensive stocks.

      GME is not defensive jus tbecause it has no debt and pays a dividend.

      The dividend growth is relatively new and there is no history...

      The share price appreciation far outpaces the dividend growth, so dividend net present value is moot IMO since longs have made more than the dividend will pay 5 years out consistently.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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