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  • giantboog May 10, 2013 2:24 AM Flag

    LMAO at the shorts and the longs playing chicken

    May 21st Xbox Announcement: absolutely no buzz here ... no one cares about next gen games or hardware.
    May 23rd GME earnings announcement. It will be flat and they will miss earnings.
    June E3. Next Gen BILLION Dollar gaming cycle starting. ZERO buzz. Nothing to see here.
    PS4 and Xbox Infinity to be launched for Christmas. Noone will buy them.
    Gamestop does not have any cash.
    Gamestop does not pay a dividend.
    Gamestop is not a world wide company.
    Gamestop's only revenue is from used games.
    Gamestop has no digital footprint.
    Gamestop made no acquisitions for digital distribution.
    Gamestop did not beat earnings last quarter.
    Gamestop is Blockbuster. All Gamestop sells are movies. Same management. Same earnings. Same Industry. They are exactly the same in every detail. And there is no billion dollar cycle every 7 - 10 years.
    Gaming industry is dead. No one plays games.
    37% of float is short. Stock is going steadily up over a month. Not one of those shorts have to cover.
    Zero buzz. Nothing going for it.

    It will never make 22.
    It will never make 25.
    It will never make 27.
    it will never make 30.
    33 the floor is going to fall out from under it.
    No way it gets to 35 I am calling a ceiling here.
    38... HA I TOLD YOU. No that is not profit taking. It is the end now. It is over.

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