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  • stocktrader486 stocktrader486 May 13, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    TSLA up huge - GME future value?

    market is truly reacting to all this positive buzz... GME is no exception. I have been short for a while... however the market seems to think today that GME is worth more than it was historically.... at least int he past few years... obviously everything was valued differently pre-crisis...

    GME has its set of issues, it has free cash flow and low debt... these are definitely long term positives now... my only question is ps4 and 720 wont sell ps3 and 360 backwards compatible games... some people will hold on to their old systems until support stops, but either way the no backwards compatibility kind of sucks since these are very modern systems still with life in them... also that will hurt some used games...

    Furthermore, if the new systems are legit and people all of a sudden want nothing to do with the old out dated hardware... most sales will be new games for a while.... it takes time for the market to get saturated with enough used games for free trade.

    My other concern for GME is digital downloads... yes everyone talks about this... but this is legitimate... new systems will have bigger hard drives... more and more people just download their games, if there is a discount associated with direct download in the future i would not be surprised if more and more people hop on board with direct download..

    Then there is the elephant in the room, no word from micosoft of sne on used games etc.

    I dont see them cutting out used games completely but there may be something going on that isnt seen by the market...

    Either way, I don't think GME is the same value of a company like TSLA which is completely new and the rally is due to the realization of ahuge market for TSLA .. gme's market has been around since the 80's.... and i think the motion is towards more streaming services and less hard copies.

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    • also if you were long int he low 20's I congratulate you absolutely on this massive short squeeze/successful outlook... but doesn't it frighten you a little that the market has moved a company like gamestop which should be more of a dividend yielder rather than capital appreciator?

      Its quite interesting but also a bit scary if you really look at it.

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