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  • benchmarkvit benchmarkvit Apr 18, 2014 8:16 AM Flag

    Wall Street Journal article says internet digital downloads of games are up 29%.

    Also mention that retail sales are down a similar percentage. This pretty much spells the end of Gamestop.

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    • Hey, I remember when someone was saying digital would be the end of GME.

      However, it was so long ago, I can't remember who it was. Some analyst, I guess.

      It was when GME was around 22. I bet everyone who sold back then is super-happy about that decision!

      Let me know when people decide they no longer want to own what they buy, and when they figure out how to fit a console through an ethernet cable.

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      • Well, that's easy. First you have to buy a blender. The industrial one and then take your DVDs and console and liquify it. It will take time, but you can do it. First brake it into small pieces with a hammer and then blend it. The you might be able to inject that liquid into your ethernet cable...

        Or you can go to Walmart and sell it there. Which IMHO would be the last place I would go to sell/buy games or consoles. The staff there is ignorant of anything Walmart sells. On the other hand in GME it seems to me that those guys there are gaming geeks themselves and played probably all games they sell. Whenever i wanted to buy a game for our kids and asked them a question of what game I wanted they always had a knowledgeable answer for me.

        But, what do you expect from idiots in Wall Street. They always look as far as the next quarter and are happy loosing money on investing on something they "think" will be doing this or that. We may see a shake-out tomorrow or a big jump, who knows, but from longer term perspective I bet this company will survive.

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