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  • jetjock74 jetjock74 Dec 19, 2000 9:49 PM Flag

    Is ATMS a player in the potentially

    huge market for ATM voting machines?

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    • Ronharv... Hard drive shit the bed Sunday. Took
      this long to get it back together. Just wanted to let
      you know that Finally I find somebody that agrees
      with me politicaly. You are so right about the
      Hypoctite Party. Both speak the same shit, just one says it
      out of the right side of the mouth and the others out
      of the left side. When wil we smarten up?

    • <<! Pay down the debt by cutting all the
      pork barrel spending.>>
      Fat chance! The
      *huge* pork-barrel spending by Congress in the latest
      budget went a ways to make sure that the supposed
      (projected) budget surplus is being heartily gobbled up
      already. What's appalling is that the Republicans were
      grabbing at least as much as the Democrats. I suspect that
      the Rep's and the Dem's are simply sub-categories of
      the Hypocrite Party.

    • Jet in San Antonio (I've been there - noce

      No right now ATMS is not a player in this market - I
      for one don't believe it is a potentially huge market
      - because we will not invest that much coin for our
      voting systems - there are many simpler more accurate

      Carr said they were not pursuing it right, but he also
      said that should there be some sort of government
      contract or any plans for that in the future - Tidel would
      surely put it's hat in the ring and be very competitive
      - (I am paraphrasing but quite

      I think American have the attention span of a gnat
      and we will not be very apt to spend major monies on
      ATM voting machines -

      our attenion is
      awaiting the next Elian case or maybe we'll get pissed off
      that Dennis Miller is doing Monday night football or
      whatever fodder the media puts out there for us. The
      voting issue is over!