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  • bits_since_1980 bits_since_1980 Jan 27, 2010 11:05 AM Flag

    well, low volume

    At least the fall is on lower volume, that is good I suppose.

    Anyone left here outside of hillpack. Hill is a good poster, but he is always long MSON.

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    • This stock is dead. I sold last year but still follow it waiting for new blood to take over and clean house. The technology seens cutting edge but the products don't sell. They need someone who understands hospital reimbursements so they can develop a product that hospitals can make money with. Hospitals don't just buy a product cause its great. They buy it if they will make money by charging patients for the use of it.

      I'm tired of these empty press releases. Lets see which 3rd world country signs a distributor contract next. I'm sure it will have "guaranteed minimum orders". Someone should tell us how many orders they've gotton from all these new distributors. Must be spending a fortune on setting up the sales network. When are we going to see a return?

      They've sold off all the profitable parts of the company. I haven't heard anything about the Air pollution division. That should be a great business today with everyone going green.
      I'm not buying the stock again until I see some sales.

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