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  • ilygod ilygod Sep 19, 2005 12:20 PM Flag

    Someone wants in MM's accumulating

    MM's are driving prices down for an institution. Down on low volume and up on large volume. Check out NASDAQ and the list of institutions who believe in the increased utilization and benefit of WSTM's offerings.

    WSTM reports 29th. The turnaround story is definitely in position. This is a 3 bagger by end of 2005.

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    • HP received over 5 millin shares in their settlement with Champagne. There is more to the whole story as HP paid the canadian Government $146m (CDN) and then went after Champagne in a Civil Suit. Paying $146m back to the Government was a surprising move for a alleged (innocent) company. Anyway, that is how they received the WSTM shares.

      I believe Champagne was an original Angel investor long before MM came on board. No connection there.

      I am just waiting for the quarterly numbers to see if this is worth any more energy in following.

      Small caps are a wild ride!

    • Sorry . That post was for Ilegod

    • Gil it sounds like you have changed your position from pump to dump. I agree this company has bad bagage , and I often have interesting exchanges with the others on this board "But" I respect their position. I simply think that with the rapid drop in stock price "if" we see any good news out of this quarter the potential for a huge bounce is likely "HISTORY"of following this stock tells me that. Huge risk /huge reward is the reason I'll keep buying on the dips . Welcome to the board all in all these guy's are allright.... Tom

    • What's your rationale? Why buy this POS now? WSTM is a smmall player in a crowded field, with questionable management and checkered past. They're burning cash at an alarming rate. They show no ability to service the customers they manage to acquire, much less add any organic growth. Where's the upside?

    • NO I appreciate the institutional interest , I was simply saying , If you remove the Hp stocks from the equation , for the reasons I originaly stated , you are left with a negative growth in investment (shares) from the institutional buyers in the last 3 months .. am I wrong?? Still Buying : Tom

    • tom, a very interesting post. can you elaborate as to why you view the institutional buys as a negative?


    • Good luck playing with the big boys. Personally I think it's a losing game trying to outguesss them. Hedge funds and Mike M. may still make money on WSTM before it's over. But those who wait for a three bagger, will end up holding the bag when the whole $hithouse goes up in flames.

    • How do you explain today then genius...and yes I am referring directly to you "ilygod." as this is the first time I have ever seen you on this board.

      I don't know about the rest of you guys that follow this stock, but there were exactly ZERO press releases this quarter about any contract signings with new customers, so how good of a quarter could they possibly had?

      I would be looking at Flat to down revenues from last quarter and expenses to be the same if not hirer than the quater before. Pay special attention to legal expenses and watch them sky rocket over the next 3-9 months. Along with dwindling cash on hand.

      I am simply on this board to try and help the poor guy/girl that actualy takes someone's word on this board that this is actually a "Strong Buy." I present facts...the people with rosey glasses just love to say, "$3.00 by end of the year!" If it gets to $3.00 the rest of us will drive the price down by shorting it and clean up on the rest of you.

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      • you have a point. there has been no grand press releases this quarter. however, that may be a sign of a company looking to build a firm corporate foundation rather than trying their best to raise their stock price. i prefer the former over the latter.

        looking over the 8k and 10k's, the company appears to be headed in the right direction. the package offerings appear to be gaining traction in the corporate industry and likely to gain larger clients in the future. what do i base this on?

        first, institutions who know far more than i do are excited about WSTM's future. janus, blair, apex, perquot to name a few. also, HP believes in the prospects of WSTM. these are just a few. insider buying doesn't hurt either. all this to say, while you hope the price depreciates, i have reasons to believe it appreciates. in hindsight, everythings 20/20. however, looking ahead, we'll see how wallstreet and institutions evaluate the value of the company and their worth.

        low volume days like today do not bother me. WSTM's had quite a success over the past several weeks.

        we'll talk come jan 2006.

      • You state your case in a very aggresive tone. It seem your only intention it to short this stock and clean up on the longs. You therefore will "knock down" any positive news you here from other posters.

        You may be just trying to make a buck but I am not a fan of "short sellers"

      • I have been trading for 30 years and let me try to say this nicely . If a "Pumper" states his position at this point he has about as much credability as the "Dumper" . I have my beliefs and I have done alright in this stock and I respectfully don't need you to protect me. I, like a lot of others ,obviously don't buy what your selling so keep selling short and we'll keep buying long and we shall soon see who loses... Tom