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    WSTM.OB: Workstream, Inc.

    Last Trade: .0199, +.0019, +10.56%, on Volume of 105.5K

    Formerly traded as WSTM on NASDAQ.

    2005: Traded between 5.00 & 6.00 per Share.

    2006:Traded between 2.00 & 3.00 per Share, and then dropped considerably and proceeded to trade on OTCBB for significantly under $1.00 per Share.

    Workstream is a human capital management technology and services company dedicated to assisting employers manage recruiting, variable compensation, performance and other critical HR functions.
    Workstream provides enterprise and mid-market talent management solutions and services that help companies manage the entire employee lifecycle
    Solutions are offered on a monthly subscription basis, under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.



    Company is located in the great State of Florida…..

    Scheduled per Cash Flow and 1.99_3 Cents per share; per 45M Shares of Float not 812M total Outstanding Shares; Per Most Recent Quarter Sales of 3.73M; [Annualized approx 15M in Sales Revenue] Possibly large percentage of insider ownership…..

    Desc, Breakdown, Price: , Metric. , Weight. , Primary Weight Adj Trading Metric ,Year, Weight Adj Price.

    20.Sales: , PTSales: 0.0199 , 0.24 , 14.6 , 3.5, 2010, 0.29

    21.OperBalanceSHeet: , PtCash Chg OperBS: 0.0199 , 5.6 , 8.04 , 45, 2010, 0.16

    22. Investing Cash Activity: , PTCash Chg Inv: 0.0199 , (1) , 5.73 , (7.40), 2010, 0.11

    23. Debt Financing: , PT Cash Chg Debt Finance: 0.0199 , 0.482 , 2.65 , 1.28, 2010, 0.05

    24. Net: Other / NonCash /Oper Exp : , PT Other/ Non Cash / Oper Exp: 0.0199 , (0.22) , (0.60) , 0.1345 ,Low 2010, (0.012)

    Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric(s) per CF, 4.8_36 ,Weight, 30.38_12 ,Primary Weight Adj Trade Metric, 42.7 , (0.13_425) off adjusted level price of 15.415 cents.

    Net$$M: 0.5
    MinRetGrowth: 0.22
    MinRetInv: 0.21
    Wacc; 0.27_16_43
    Estimated Local Continuing Value in $$M : (0.7)
    Estimated Factor NotLocal in $$M : (47.377_714)
    Estimated ContinuingLong TermValueNotLocal Sales in $$M /Where I believe they Need to be in Annualized Sales : 32.907
    Est Long Term NotLocalprice on LT Fwd Value : 0.73_1238
    0.73_1258, Factor Forward.
    0.999_973, Price To.

    Company has announced an attempt at a major expansion plan;

    Workstream Inc. (OTCBB:WSTM) announced expansion of its management, appointment of a new Board of Directors, new capital structure and additional capital for the human capital technology, software and services company.
    The changes are expected to result in growth of the business and the introduction of additional products as well as to set a course for possible future acquisitions.
    In making the announcement, the company outlined plans that are intended to allow the company to become a stronger human capital management business, expanding on the current Workstream Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

    Value based on Sales Revenue:
    Assets 10.704M
    Total Liab(7.714M)
    Deferred Revenue+1.742M

    Balance Sheet is N/A….Gross Profit is approx 8.3M on Annualized Basis.
    So trading @ 1.94_336x to that value with a Market Cap of 16M.

    Major Holders reported as such:

    % of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners: 112%

    % of Shares Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners: 1%

    % of Float Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners:(11%)

    Do not own any shares; but follow the company and various Software Industry Segments.

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