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  • miketraynor Dec 11, 2008 3:33 PM Flag

    READ THE 8K -- Looks Fishy

    The first time I posted here was after the BJ Petro mess. I could not believe these guys were acting like they were. They were probably under a lot of pressure from the lender. (Loan was 20%). They hit the panic button and started throwing crap against the wall.

    I later visited this site to see what was going on and to see how far the scam would go.

    My later posts were mainly done as a result of people challenging me. Even though I am just a keyboard on this board, I took it personally when Molly and others tried to question my motives--mainly because I was being honest about things, and I wanted to make that clear.

    I still think all of Management needs to be cast aside, but . . .

    Then Miller rides in and basically takes over the company. He has a very big chunk of the stock, but I guess I would be OK with that if I were a shareholder, because I now have his attention. With this large stake, he probably will work hard to make the deal work--and the company does have some real assets.

    The real key is to figure out who this guy is. I know nothing about him, but I am not interested to watch this thing a little.

    With this kind of change, I want to see if this stock moves. I am still not in, and really do not plan to get in. But I do find myself checking this stock from time to time.

    So, we will see. Let's keep an open mind, but please make sure you punish these guys at the shareholders meeting.