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  • miketraynor Feb 19, 2009 1:36 PM Flag

    Oil Strike?

    Two People outside the company claim that the company has struck oil in one of its recently drilled wells.

    The company says "no comment" but I can't get through to anyone with information.

    Does anybody know anything?

    This silence is very strange, given how talkative everyone was prior to the Petraco fiacso.

    Makes me worried about a repeat.

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    • Mike,
      The answer for IDGG sudden apparent silence is really quite easy - and good. If you take a look at their latest SEC filing, I think it was a RW on 1/29/9, there is a section in there that outlines that IDGG will no longer be under the same constraint they were when they were under the terrible YA Global. Part of the YA global agreement was that they had to announce every single little move they made that may have affected stock price. Being now free from the YA Global deal (which I think was terrible for other reasons. Good that they are out!), they can be more selective in choosing if they want to take the effort to put out a new information. I think IDGG can, and will, be more stategic in their release of information. But some of their recent decisions and the writing between the lines in the latest SEC filings, etc, really tell volumes. And I am thankful to say it looks good! I hope you all have an opportunity to get in if you haven't.

    • Hey Mike who are these two people???You keep trying to call them??? Your worried about a repeat??? Why would you care you don't own any shares.Seems like your time is more involved with this stock then just posting messages.Again who are these Two people ???

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      • miketraynor Feb 20, 2009 2:07 PM Flag

        The two people will remain nameless to respect their privacy, but I can tell you their relationship with the company. One of these people is a banker that has some dealings with the company. When I posted my information about BJ Petro, I was contacted by one of the bankers who wanted the benefit of my work. I cooperated fully and this is how I know what was going on with the BJ Petro loan. An experienced banker followed up my research and found it to be accurate and -- very early -- alerted the company to the BJ Petro Fraud.

        The second person is a financial analyst and was one of the people on the due diligence team that was performing some of the underwriting on the BJ deal. This independent person was engaged by Indigo to perform some background work on the loan, including the preparation of financial materials.

        Both of these people outside the company continue to talk to people within the company because they both own over 100,000 shares. They think the company is going to announce an oil strike, and if it does, the stock will jump up.

        This is why I bought the stock.

        But, if the company proves itself too incompetent to handle this news, I will sell soon.

      • miketraynor Feb 20, 2009 2:00 PM Flag

        Hey Dumbass, I own 35,000 shares now.

        I posted this a month ago.

        Now I am concerned about my shares.