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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Mar 23, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    DuPont Bosses Changing Accounting To Mask HUGE Losses?!

    Monsanto's Chief Competitor Dumping Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Fortress Wilmington Under Siege

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buenos Dias,

    Investors, at the end of last year, DuPont's customarily secretive and evasive Management announced without satisfactory explanation that they were going to use NON-GAAP accounting henceforth in 2012. They were ditching Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Why?

    We strongly suspect but cannot prove DuPont's always dissimulating executives don't want the full effect of looming massive losses to show up in the bottom-line they will tout for PR purposes:

    * The $1 to $2 billion we believe will be necessary to settle without exaggeration tens of thousands of Imprelis claims pending in the U. S. District Court of Philadelphia.

    * The likely payment of $1 to $3 billion to recompense Monsanto for robbing Monsanto of valuable patent-protected seed technology and disguising fraudulently DuPont's sagging seed development and its phony right to use Monsanto seed know-how.

    Strange thing with this NON-GAAP, DuPont's sneaky bosses brag about their "world class engineering" and "Innovation", but they only want to report the profits and gains from the R & D process, none of the expenses and losses from the process. Is that straightforward disclosure to investors and DD shareholders? We think not, categorically.

    Merely the morning comments of one individual investor and long-time student of the dishonestly deceptive

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    • Incidentally fellow SYT Shareholders, this particular heckler, ag_amem_mon, has initiated distracting personal attacks before. Who are these agitated and arrogant advocates and apologists for DuPont Management to tell any SYT investor or independently-speaking blogger she or he is not allowed to speak on this SYT Yahoo! Finance Board about Syngenta's chief competitors and the seed and ag-chem business?? And what to say? And how often?

      DuPont has to be one sick, uncompetitive operation for its avowed employees and unethical supporters to resort to systematic campaigns to defame corporate rivals and smear and threaten outside critics over the internet.


    • Fellow SYT Shareholders,

      As you can see from the viciously vindictive and off-topic personal attack by an obvious shill for DuPont Management on this thread, there must be a high degree of sensitivity in Fortress Wilmington over the colossal failure of DuPont Management to create their own first-generation GM seed trait to compete with Monsanto and Syngenta. DuPont OptimumGAP. OOPS! Now they likely have to shell out $1 billion or MORE to Monsanto and have been declared to be FRAUD-MONGERS by a U. S. District Court Judge, Richard Webber, December 2012.

      As the executives and managers of Monsanto and Syngenta have found over the years the unprincipled trash in the DuPont Management camp will stop at nothing to smear and defame their competitive rivals as well as outside bloggers and investors questioning the performance and character of DuPont "leaders". Wow!

      In the meantime, Syngenta reigns as the world's largest and foremost producer of ag chemicals. DuPont lags and lumbers along, more concerned about PR and IMAGE than innovation and production.


    • Another funfundvierzig DD re-post straight from the DD board here on the SYT board? What a surprise- NOT! Do yourself and everyone else a favor and get some psychiatric help funfundvierzig. Ten years is a long time to hold a grudge against your former employer. Let it go and move on already. Maybe then this board can get back to SYT topics. Hopefully there are still some SYT holders left here who haven't been driven away by now.

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