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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Mar 23, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Time For the Directors To Clean Up DIRTY DUPONT!

    Lazy, Crazy & Cozy DuPont Directors Fail & Refuse To Act Against FRAUD-MONGERING At DuPont. No One Held Accountable!


    Readers & Fellow Investors,

    It is simply astounding that the DuPont Board of Directors commanded by the Siamese Twins, CEO & "Chair Ellen J. Kullman, one and the same, has failed, indeed apparently refuses to act in holding any DuPont official or top executive responsible for...

    * Robbing Monsanto and using Monsanto's superior patent-protected seed technology and truculently refusing to pay for it! In doing so, DuPont officials not only engaged in FRAUD on the court, but defrauded investors and the public as well. So disclosed U. S. District Court Judge Richard Webber in his rulings, December 2012. The jury awarded Monsanto $1 billion, which may be increased to $3 billion, given the deliberate and egregious misconduct of DuPont Management on behalf of DuPont.

    * Systematically defrauding consumers by the false marketing of tree-killing Imprelis, triggering tens of thousands of claims in federal and state courts across the land. The pay-out to settle claims in one court alone, the U. S. District Court of Philadelphia may tower to $1 to $2 billion in our educated estimation.

    Yet no one in the rotten executive ranks of DuPont has paid a price for such vast destruction of shareholder value. The insouciant Directors dominated by Ms. Kullman see no evil, hear no evil, and smell no evil. Hapless DD shareholders are paying the price! And no clean up of dirty DuPont is on the horizon.

    Hmm...Why is Bristol-Myers CEO Lamberto Andreiotti diverting his time and talent serving on the Board of this disreputable chemical conglomerate to the south?? That questionable nexus to a categorically corrupt enterprise whose executives are guided by ENRON ETHICS does not redound to the benefit of Bristol-Myers Squibb and its shareholders!

    Merely THE WEAK IN REVIEW digitally penned by one outraged DD, SYT, MON & BMY shareholder...funfun..

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