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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jun 25, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    DuPont Bosses DEFRAUD, then CHEAT Their DuPont AG Imprelis Customers!

    Many Property Owners With Imprelis Damage Opting Out of Class Action Settlement Due To Lousy Low-Ball Offers from DuPont's Cheap Management

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buenos Dias,

    Folks, last week marked the two-year anniversary, DuPont Management responded to the first huge wave of tree damage reports after the application of deceptively advertised DuPont Imprelis, a supposedly safe, "low-impact" dandelion herbicide for the lawn. What to do? Try dishonest PR damage control. Mike McDermott, Global Business Leader for DuPont UnProfessional Products fires off a letter, June 17, 2011, get this, blaming DuPont's own customers, lawn care professionals, for misapplication and misuse of Imprelis!

    For the following two years, the strategy of DuPont Management and their own in-house little lawyers and PR flim-flam artists has been to downplay and spin and cover-up the largest eco-disaster and most costly new product failure in 21st century corporate America! To that end, DuPont's dirty-playing Management has been stonewalling and low-balling with crummy offers of reimbursement for losses to the point where numerous litigants are bailing out of the pending class action settlement in federal court. They choose to file individual lawsuits instead. The ultimate tab to DuPont will run into multi-$billions in our educated opinion.

    In the meantime, according to Wright & Schulte, LLC, plaintiffs' attorneys, complaints filed in court continue to surge in Minnesota and elsewhere in the country, as DuPont Imprelis damage continues to rear its ugly head over the landscape.

    Ah, yes...Imprelis, Tell Us!...another example of the "world class engineering" and "innovation" from this pseudo "science and technology" Company.

    Merely the morning remarks of one individual retail investor and long-time student of the sleaze-encrusted,

    integrity-busted DuPont Company...funfun..

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