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  • ag_amem_mon ag_amem_mon Oct 8, 2013 8:00 AM Flag

    O/T: Why Funfundvierzig's info blackout on SYT’s other “superior-managed” competitors?

    Funfundvierzig, why don’t you tell folks here about SYT’s other competitors? Like MON or DOW. All you talk about is DD. But you say DD’s a poorly-managed loser. Why should SYT folks care only about what they do?
    Why don’t you post info or news about MON and DOW here? If it’s important to know competitors like you say, why don’t you tell what SYT’s other “superior-managed” competitors are doing too?
    You don’t have a problem posting DOW, SYT, MMM, BASF, or MON news on the DD board. So what’s the problem? Why aren’t you giving SYT folks here important info about their other “superior-managed” competitors? Like you do on the DD board for DD posters.
    Are you shilling for DD? Trying to hoodwink SYT folks by keeping competitor info from them? Or is it you’re lying when you say you’re here to provide competitor info? Just so you can bash DuPont.
    Tell us Zig, tell us!

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    • Continuing personal harassment and abuse from the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp, folks.

      Any corporation whose avowed representatives and rabid supporters have to resort to sleaze and unprofessional misconduct to suppress dissenters and independently-speaking bloggers is one sick, unethical operation in deep trouble. Such is the DuPont of the 21st century. And that's a DANGER sign to investors, and more importantly would-be customers. Imprelis, Tell Us.


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      • Folks notice how anytime anybody asks funfundvierzig a question he says they're harassing him? He always says he's an "independent blogger and reporter". But he NEVER informs SYT shareholders here about their other "superior-managed" competitors like DOW or MON. Like a truly UNBIASED and INDEPENDENT blogger would do. At least one who claims he's here providing vital competitor info for SYT investor benefit? Why the BIASED reporting about DD but nothing said about MON or DOW? Unless he's lying and his purpose is simply to bash DuPont.
        And why couldn't he provide info I politely requested weeks ago comparing MON's and SYT's seed offerings? That would be more helpful for SYT investors than his DD posts. He says he's a long time SYT AND MON shareholder. Surely he knows each company's products well by now. Unless he's lying about that too.
        Tell us Zig-mund Fraud, tell us!

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