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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Oct 13, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    FORTUNE Is Business Weak

    Parrots Public Relations Pablum of Big Advertisers & Flashes PARADE MAGAZINE-Style Graphics & Surveys


    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag,

    Readers, many of you can recall when FORTUNE Magazine was top-notch, full of in-depth reports on corporations and financial institutions. Years ago the acclaimed writers and editors of Fortune consistently churned out well-researched analyses of critical business issues and corporate developments.

    This week FORTUNE splashed out a silly survey of the "most powerful women CEOs", spotlighting DuPont's bumbling Ellen J. Kullman as "#3 Most Powerful". We ask: Had Ms. Kullman been a male, Mr. Allen J. Kullman, do you think this DuPont "leader" who commanded and presided over the most costly new product failure and ensuing environmental disaster in 21st century corporate America, DuPont Imprelis, would have been gushingly glorified? Would the writers of FORTUNE have hoisted him to one of the top three "most powerful" CEOs in the country?

    Instead of putting out superficial Parade Magazine-style surveys, maybe (and we repeat) they could research and report on the biggest, most costly new product failure and consumer fraud and ensuing environmental disaster in 21st century corporate America to date: DuPont Imprelis and the massive, multi-$billion tree destruction scandal. Investors and consumers alike might find this FORTUNE report very illuminating and intriguing. This is a narrative that should not be covered up with corporate PR dissimulation and fawning FORTUNE writers. DuPont casts a pall on the entire chemical and agriculture industry.

    Merely THE WEAK IN REVIEW digitally penned by one individual investor and long-time student of the
    PR-driven DuPont Company...funfun..

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