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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Dec 18, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    New Investors to Syngenta's Rival Are Buying A Chopped-Up DuPont

    An Intractably Weakened Delaware Conglomerate Hacked Into Two Intractably Weakened Parts

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag,

    Fellow Investors, recall the genius who dreamed up the controlling strategy for DuPont in the 21st century? it was a big gladhander from Nashville Tennessee who majored in generic "industrial engineering" at the U. of Tenn, and earned no advance post-graduate degrees in anything. That was the bubbly Chad Holliday whose brilliant signature strategy for what used to be the largest and most powerful chemical enterprise on the planet was:

    SHRINKAGE equals never happened.

    Holliday's current claim to fame? He is considered the life coach of Ms. Ellen Kullman, current Headmistress of the DuPont Management School, who carries on Holliday's great work and simpleminded, SHRINKAGE equals GROWTH. To that end, Holliday's star pupil is taking an axe to the decayed remains of DuPont, and here's what new and old DD shareholders will get:

    * A third-rate chemicals unit spun-off not sold, and too small to compete effectively on the world stage.

    * DuPont AG & NUT, a motley collection of businesses, second-place and second-rate to Monsanto, in seeds, to Syngenta in ag chemicals, and to Novozymes in enzymes and food additives.

    We strongly suspect Ms. Kullman will continue to enforce the Holliday SHRINKAGE strategy and also dump parts of DuPont Electronics and much of DuPont Performance Materials with its ancient commodity construction supplies like 50-year old Corian countertops and Tyvek home wrap.

    The decayed remnants of DuPont are not particularly attractive from the perspective of the undersigned
    private investor and long-time student of the disappearing DuPont...funfun..

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    • Folks, as you can tell by the distracting heckling by the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp below, the big bosses of DuPont and their PR stooges must be upset at the dramatic deterioration and shrinkage of this one-time chemical icon!

      Notice this nasty and persistent AG heckler ostensibly assigned to the internet to stalk and monitor and attack independently-speaking investors never mentions the colossal defeat DuPont suffered in the big Monsanto patent infringement lawsuit, where DuPont was caught not only DEFRAUDING the U. S. District Court, Missouri, but DEFRAUDING the media, the public, and investors as well! That was some achievement on the part of DuPont LEGAL's little known lawyers from little known schools! Gotta laugh...funfun..

      • 1 Reply to funfundvierzig
      • Zig are you stalking me here? You sure responded quickly to my last post! What distractions are you talking about? I simply asked why you did NOT report DD's recent court victory here to your fellow SYT shareholders. Aren't you the guy who claims you're here doing a service for SYT shareholders? A service of reporting developments at SYT competitors like DD? So why the SILENCE about the DD court win? Surely SYT investors want to know that important news. DD avoids big fines and penalties. So they have more money to investto compete against SYT.
        You sure are quick to report DD setbacks in court though. Zig, are you a DD shill sent here to lull SYT investors into complacence about DD? By reporting only negative DD news? So SYT investors think DD is a weaker competitor than they really are? Zig, that sure isn't helping uphold your FAUX IMAGE as an "independent and unbaiased" blogger and reporter, is it? BTW Zig didn't you aready report all that negative court news about DD in your last message. Why are you re-hashing old news and ignoring current news like the DD court victory? Inquiring SYT investors want to know!
        Tell us (the TRUTH) funfundvierzig, tell us!

    • Zig, more of your useless bombast and blather? Did you not read the news about DD? So why no mention of the HUGE victory by DuPont in the CA court yesterday? You say you're here to alert investors to important developments about competitor DD. DuPont's victory avoids fines and penalties. And that signiificantly helps their financial situation doesn't it? Surely that's important news about DD isn't it? Once again your silence speaks VOLUMES about your true intentions. Proof positive that you're NOT an independent reporter or blogger about DD. Proof positive that you ARE nothing but a simpleminded DD basher. What a HYPOCRITE you truly are Zig!

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