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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Mar 12, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

    Syngenta Rival Blames Chilly Weather for Sick Q1 2014 Earnings!

    DuPont's Customarily Evasive Management Claims Weather Causes Embarrassing Sub-Performance

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

    Investors, once again DuPont's accountability-averse Management is blaming the weather for their short-comings. On Monday, March 10, 2014, they claimed chilly weather in North America and their troubles in Ukraine would weaken Q1 revenues and earnings.

    In discarding two centuries of core competency in chemicals by spinning off DuPont Performance Chemicals shortly, Ellen Kullman, DuPont Chieftess, insists she is making DuPont less "cyclical". Seems like she is now making DuPont with its agricultural and nutritional remnants even more cyclical, dependent on "weather". DuPont's revenues and earnings will be less predictable, more unstable!

    In summary, the bumbling bosses in Fortress Wilmington are frantically trying to camouflage their misfiring strategies and the intractable weaknesses in this shrinking conglomerate by pointing the finger at, of all things, the weather..."too cold, no too hot, too wet, no too dry..." You see the picture.

    Merely the evening comments of one individual investor and long-time student of the deteriorating DuPont in


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    • Earnings for DuPont's Q1 2014 must be shabby given the quantity of vicious heckling by obvious shills and rabid supporters of DuPont Management. What a sick unethical operation, smearing rival corporations such as Monsanto and any individual investor daring to share a dissenting opinion on this deteriorating Delaware-based conglomerate in a severe state of corporate identity confusion.


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      • Funfundvierzig, I'm still waiting for an answer to my question. I asked nicely and respectfully like your "supporter" Ag_ameNN_mon said to do over on the DD board. He said you'd reciprocate if I acted with respect. Yet still no answer. Perhaps you've been too busy. So let me remind you. The question was:

        Funfundvierzig, which seeds are better, MON's or SYT's, and why?

        Please share your experience as a longtime investor of both MON and SYT with knowledge of both companies' products and please...

        Tell us funfundvierzig, tell us.

      • Funnut, you got fired by DuPont in 2002, at the same time you started your litany of almost 17,000 posts.

        And man-up poopy pants!

        No more hiding behind your aliases!

      • Herr Zig, your alias Ag_ameNN_mon "supporter" over on the DD board recently said if you were treated respectfully you'd respond in kind. So I respectfully ask you again:

        As a longtime MON and SYT shareholder who knows the products of both companies well, which corn seeds are better, MON's or SYT's,and why?

        There you go. No jibes. No insults. Just a question respectfully asked by an independent investor and poster here.

    • Fellow SYT Shareholders, as you can see by the FAKE FUNFUN post, the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp will pull out any nasty LIE and personal attack in order to divert your attention from the sick state of affairs in this shrinking and troubled conglomerate. My, oh, my, how desperate are they to suppress any kind of differing opinion or fresh data!


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      • SYT shareholders, as you can see by the response of our bombastic DD basher and anti-DD propagandist funfundvierzig he is very very sensitive about his IMAGE. He simply cannot ignore or tolerate any criticism of him or his opinions posted here. How INSECURE he must be! He often tells critics nobody’s forcing them to read anything he writes. And they should put him on IGNORE.
        Yet as the hypocrite he is he won't even follow his own advice. Why does he not put his critics on IGNORE? If they trouble him so much he cannot help but post replies. Life here would be some much more peaceful for him. Perhaps there are just so many critics his IGNORE box won't hold anymore?
        For example, take this recent post directed to funfundvierzig from a poster named “crueloption” on the HUN board:
        “You (funfundvierzig) are not wanted here and on many other message boards. No one is forcing you at Mac14-point to the ear to post, and you have ignored multiple suggestions that you refrain. I think you have OCD, and should seek medication.”
        That about says it all folks, doesn’t it?

    • Folks,

      See how much free time we have to post and re-post our silly posts since we were fired 12 years ago by DuPont.

      We got banned from posting on the DuPont board and have to take swipes on these quiet places...funfun..

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      • FAKE FUNFUN POST and continuing harassment by the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp!

        For the record, the undersigned was never "fired", terminated or let go or laid-off by the DuPont Company or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates. The trash in the DuPont Management camp will put out any LIE and LIBEL to squelch free speech which embarrasses the inhabitants of Fortress Wilmington under siege. Imprelis, Tell Us!


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