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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Mar 22, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    DuPont Management's Comically FALSE ADVERTISING!

    The above commentary on March 1, 2014 by the undersigned individual investor has been CENSORED without explanation or warning. We strongly suspect but cannot prove dirty-operating DuPont Management loyalists protecting DuPont "leaders" like junkyard dogs, have arranged for its DELETION.

    So much for freedom of expression and candid discussion of the materials and seeds industry and issues involving the major players therein!


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    • Hey Zig, see that blue link that says "Remove" right after your ID and post date? That lets you take down your own post if you want. New Yahoo! feature. Did you check to see you didn't remove your own post? Slip of the wrist while typing? One too many martinis? Yahoo! screw-up? Could be lots of reasons your post is gone. If DuPont or us DD shills wanted your posts removed why would we take down only one? Boy are you paranoid today!

    • What are "baords" Ag nut?

      You know, one sign of rage is misspelling.

      Perhaps you need to have a few tranquilizers. smart

    • Billing the Lumbering Also-Ran Conglomerate As "DuPont, The World's Leading Science Company"


      Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

      Readers, DuPont Execs and their PR con artists have begun highlighting their Press Releases and news announcements with the comical description, "DuPont, The World's Leading Science Company..." What hype, what hokum! Really now, would a real "leading science company", tops in the world,...

      * Have ineptly developed and dishonestly delivered the biggest, most costly new product failure and ensuing environmental disaster in 21st century corporate America...the mulit-$billion consumer fraud, namely tree-killing DuPont Imprelis, a dandelion treatment, so "eco-SAFE" for your lawn?

      * Have tried to steal a $billion in advanced patented-protected seed biotechnology, use it and refuse to pay for is? And end up after a big federal lawsuit settlement, paying Monsanto hundreds of $millions every year in license fees to plunk Monsanto's superior GM traits into DuPont Pioneer's otherwise inferior seed line-ups? Does that sound like "The World's Leading Science Company" to you?

      * Lags the biggest producers in high tech ag chemical technology, Syngenta and Bayer?

      * Plays second fiddle via its carved up and bureaucratically subsumed Danisco to true world leader in enzymes and food ingredients, Novozmes?

      * Cannot match 3M Corp and Monsanto in productive research and science innovation?

      Hopefully, AnnaMaria DeSalva from Pfizer, who joins DuPont today, March 1, 2014, as head of Public Relations will bring some long needed integrity and transparency to DuPont communications. Right now, people laugh at the gross exaggerations and phony puffing, the blatant FALSE ADVERTISING dished out by the arrogant leadership of this much diminished Company.

      Merely THE WEAK IN REVIEW, digitally penned by one individual retail investor...funfun.

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