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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Apr 1, 2014 10:24 PM Flag

    Abusive DuPont Shills Try To Distract from Syngenta Successes!

    Fellow SYT Shareholders, as you can see by the hostile heckling below by a purported AG Manager, sleazy DuPont Management surrogates and supporters are not here for legitimate discussion and civil debate. They are here to disrupt discussion and retaliate against investors who have commented on the successes of DuPont's rivals, such as Syngenta and Bayer in crop protection and ag chemicals.

    Our sin? Questioning the quality and performance of the DuPont "leadership" given DuPont is a pronounced laggard to Monsanto in seed biotechnology and to Syngenta and Bayer. We won't even mention chemicals, where BASF (three times the size of the much shrunken and shrinking DuPont Company) is the world's largest and leading chemical enterprise.

    Any corporation whose avowed employees and rabid fans stalk and attack and harass independently-speaking investors and critics over the internet is one sick, unethical operation. Such is the tawdry DuPont of the 21st century. Imprelis, Tell Us!


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    • But Mr. Funfundvierzig, you said many times your purpose on these message boards is to provide useful competitor info for shareholders. As the “independent reporter and blogger” you claim to be. And your "supporters" like Ag_ameNN_mon, fan_of_funfun, anti_DS_guy, and SRnart_401k_2012 previously assured all you'd answer if asked respectfully! So what could be more useful than a comparison of SYT's and MON's corn seed traits? Or important to SYT shareholders here? From a longtime shareholder of BOTH companies like you. Somebody like you who undoubtedly knows the products of both companies inside out by now. After owning both companies for so many years.

      So who better than you here to provide such valuable and useful info? After all you always say how MON is such a superior managed company. And DD is not. So MON must be SYT's most dangerous competitor. Don't you agree? Even your alias “supporter” Ag_ameNN_mon just said DD’s seeds are not worth discussing here. And don't you agree that it's important for SYT shareholders to know about MON as their top competitor?

      So why are you avoiding my question funfundvierzig? For these so many months now. Why do you avoid and delay and try to change the subject? And send your alias “supporters” like Ag_ameNN_mon to distract and heckle? Don’t you want to help your fellow SYT investors here? By providing such useful and important competitor info for them. LIKE YOU SAY YOU ARE HERE TO DO? So I ask you respectfully once again for what seems like the hundredth time:

      Funfundvierzig, which corn seed traits are better, MON’s or SYT’s, and why?

      Tell us funfundvierzig, please tell us!

    • Most DuPonters agree with you that MON seeds are way better than Pioneer seeds. Duh!

      The question I have is MON better than SYT?

      Pioneer seeds are cheaper quality than KMART brand products - buyer beware

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