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  • Stupid CY, if what you have said were correct and you believed what you have said,why did you cover today???!!
    This is another proof that you simply don't believe what you have posted here and your next messages are going to be ignored by everone here.

    You are not an honest person and are F*Ked by your own words!!! You proved yourself you are bullshitting around here. Get out or f*k u to death!

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    • Ouch... the truth seems to hurt you real bad...

      I believed in myself.

      I said weakness this week followed by possible bounce back next... that's why I covered today.

      I am glad you can speak for "everone" here... after all you live in a democratic country, right ?

      Last but not least: I couldn't possibly care less if you think I am honest or not... you may think that you speak for "everone" here, but I am here and you don't speak for me !

      I don't expect a reply from you since I am being ignored... or... are you going to demonstrate everyone else here that you are not an honest person?


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