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  • danroper35 danroper35 Mar 7, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Feds to crack down on States who approved Marijuana sales.

    On Monday night, I saw on CNBC a documentary on where the FEDS and seeking to stop states with approved Marijuana. The FBI and DEA are claiming that Marijuana is harmful and addictive and have no medical use except for getting High. The FDA already said that there is no Data to support that Marijuana helps with any pains towards any Diseases. I guess we would find out shortly about this Marijuana hype. I say to run liek hell when FEDS are after you. Take heed or face the Piper.

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    • Holder came out yesterday saying the administration hadn't made a decision yet. The reason there's no FDA evidence is because they're not allowed to do trials. Anecdotal evidence plainly shows that it works to treat symptoms for a plethora of illnesses. The US Government holds several patents on its medical properties which is why the people see their current stance as 100% hypocritical and states are legalizing/decriminalizing it left and right. There, consider yourself a little more enlightened.

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      • My friend, I don't think that States can fight the FEDS AND FDA.With all the hopes, every Scientists already on Record states there are no statistical evidence on Marijuana helping in any pains. I must tell you this , from a previous Marijuana smoker, you are talking out of your mind. I smoked Marijuana heavily in my youth, I almost was addicted to it, it never solved any pains for me. The only thing marijuana did for me was to make me high, hungry as hell, and mellow. It had no pain relief off anything. I almost lost my whole life and Career all because of Marijuana. So for anyone to school me on any Marijuana findings, they are barking up the wrong tree. Marijuana is so destructive, it eats away at your brain cells. I used to forget a lot when I was a smoker. There is not many who used to smoke as often as I did. I used to eat the buds , just swallow it when it got close to burning my fingers. SO YOU GUYS ARE SO FULL OF SCHITT.

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