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  • ljkx99 ljkx99 Apr 25, 1999 7:43 PM Flag

    anss board ?

    is`nt this the anss board or am i at the wrong
    darned site hell you can find out about anything here
    except anss . From now on i will boycott any other sites
    or products hyped on this board others should do the
    same! by the way the reason for the uptick in the stock
    price was a good earnings report which nobody seems to
    have mentioned .

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    • I am on the ANSYS listserve and John Swanson
      contributes valuable info there regularly. I noticed one of
      his recent replies was John Swanson, Swanson Analysis
      Systems, Inc.

      Is SASI still out there as a
      corporation? Is that his future?

      Note: message on
      listserve could be fraud but I doubt it.


    • sounds like you are wise. Swanson's retirement
      party is May21. Spouses of employees not invited. Guest
      list would be very interesting.

      distrust in company. admin. still playing with the books.

      A lot of people will miss him. Wonder if he knows
      who his real supporters were.

    • I appreciate your response, it confirms my feelings. I won't be going long here.

    • only 12% growth. This is hard to evaluate because
      all of the new types of licenses being offered (i.e.
      "paid up"). Is ANSS coming up with gimmicks to make
      their earning potential seem better than it is?

      I do not think anyone would pay a premium to take
      over a company with only 12% growth per


      • 2 Replies to reedsofyork
      • There's a thread (a thin one) on the MNS board
        about a possible SDRC/ANSS acquistion. Nothing new,
        substantial or interesting, just some speculation.

        for the ANSS Q1 numbers, I thought they were pretty
        good considering what is happening to several others
        (MNS, MDII) in this marketspace. It's not "e-commerce"
        or "web" type numbers in terms of revenue growth,
        but then there are profits, something you don't find
        in most of the highflyers these days.

      • If you go back to the TA acquisition, you'll see
        that ANSS has done several things to increase

        1. Cuts in the distributors' margins (previously a
        range of 35-50%, now all at 35);
        2. Price increases
        (Mechanical annual lease has gone from $9,600 to $14,380,
        paid-up from $16 - 25K)
        3. Maintenance policy changes,
        i.e. no more 1st year maintenance (TECs) incl. with a
        paid-up, essentially a 20% price hike);
        4. Lease
        conversions to paid-up (last year's price increase on leases
        only should complete the conversion of the lease
        5. Pre-payment of TECs (incentives for 2nd & 3rd
        year payment in advance)

        If you could factor
        out these effects, you could determine how much of
        the revenue growth has been due to the sales of
        additional products, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

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