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  • dldcocoa dldcocoa Sep 1, 2010 5:04 PM Flag

    DG FastChannel®, No Longer “Executing” on its “Strategies”

    Even with the "reduced guidance" the company IS still executing. The latest PR has revenues in the range of $230 - 234 million - better than 20% growth and a "miss" of about $10 million over the analyst genius estimates for the year. EBITDA forecast BEATS the genius analyst estimates. Somehow this erudite person has missed out on those realities - or should I say carefully omitted any remotely positive reference.

    But for deadbeat writers who live off of other people's misery and the manipulators who pay the writers to make up these negative stories, this very positive performance by the company is made out to be a disaster. They know most people are idiots who can't think for themselves and will run for cover.

    A classic example of a manipulation feeding frenzy.