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  • thesnowcrow thesnowcrow Apr 18, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Insider buying...and #$%$?


    Four day selling into insider buying? What's wrong with this picture?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I doubled UP today just now at $6.25. My first buy was 4/2 at $6.01.

      I have a feeling this is going to take more time than many would like.

      And I certainly dont see a massive short squeeze pushing the shares to $30 in the next few months.

      How many of you all would be happy with $8.00-8.50 in 18-24 months ? I would be. I hope for more but I can deal with $8-8.50 in 2 years.

      I still need to go back & read prior SEC filings.I didnt go very far back when I did.

      MERUELO might end up taking it in the chin here. He was clearly greedy at much higher prices thinking the chairman or some 3rd party was going to pay him big profits. Turned out the opposite.

      Would like to see some more insider buying by some of the lower level officers & directors.

      Chairman sold so much at such higher prices that I cant read too much into his buys.

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      • smacys,
        This stock may reach to $8 or $8.50 many times before 2015. The guidance will turn out to be either true or false. If it turns out to be remotely true, $8 is easily justified. If a company whose market cap is about $170 million shows that it can make over $100 million, the market cap will be easily doubled. Here, EBITDA is the number that count.

        If you limit your tarket to $8 or $8.50, we won't see you here on this board for long. We will see $7.20 a few times, and then ZOOM upward move....

        Will economy make Ginsberg a liar? It is possible. But it is more likely will not. Let see what comes out on May 7.


    • Agree. I was expecting to see some call buying on a beaten down price but very little. Of course, it might be the oppertunity to buy. Funny how you always wish you would have bought lower, but when the oppertunity presents itself it is really hard to do.

    • It's weird...coupled with the strong shorting you would think it would go the other way as folks unwind their positions.