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  • ktaylor_32606 ktaylor_32606 Nov 27, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

    Vunder Sports Network

    Copyright Broadcast International 2012

    So, they signed a deal with themselves? They have gone from making deals with companies in basements of homes to making deals with themselves?

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    • Yep. Scroll to the bottom of the Vunder web page and it says "All rights reserved Broadcast International, 2012." These guys should be put in jail for this type of scammage. Someone should report to the SEC. You would think it would be normal and reasonable for them to let us know that the "deal" is with themselves whne they make a public announcement. So shady.

    • They could have at least started their on porn network? Then I would have at least had some hope that revenue could be made in that endeavor. Looks like Rod and Jim will be closing the doors by Q1 unless some Hail Mary comes their way. Thanks boys for stealing part of my kids college tuition. Have to thank my broker for recommending another turd and claiming to have a good relationship with the management team. Good news is they can't get me for insider trading when you lose 90% of your money. Though I should be committed like Jack Nicholson in Cukkoo's Nest for being insane and investing in this company.