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    • "By: mothersyellowhelper
      Date: 03/10/04 10:51 am
      I have seen people who could not read richer than you. "

      That's great. Take some more "helper" there, dopey.

      1. You don't know my net worth
      2. I'm *so* happy there are more stupid rich people out there. They are much better than stupid poor people.

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      • It's interesting that you want to enrich yourself by defrauding others. I get the impression you're proud of that, but life is more than about money. How you get it is important as well.

        It is ironic that there are good stocks out there that are way undervalued. Conversly, there are worthless stocks that are over priced. MCZ is one such stock, and there are many others, most falling under the catagory of "penny-stocks."

        These stocks get "over priced" because dick-heads like the members of these boards convince new investors to buy these shares at stupid prices. The shares are indeed worthless in most cases because the companies generate low revenues, or (with MCZ) because the shares are so diluted that any net income the company may one day enjoy would have to be divided between so many shares that everyone would hardly get anything but a penny or two.

        Let's see here. The company generated 9.6 million of net income for Q3 of 2k3 on 42 million of revenues. That would be ok if there were only 5 million shares outstanding. However, there's 53 million shares outstanding (dilusion of shareholder equity!!!), meaning the company would need to quadruple both revenue and net income before these shares would be worth the current price.

        The P/E ratio is often the best indicator of whether the shares are diluted. That applies well here with MCZ because their net income isn't in the red or so close to it that it would be meaningless. The company would need to quadruple its net income in order the shareholders to double their money in 20 years on the fundumentals. At the current net income levels, it would take shareholders 80 years to double their money on the fundumentals.

        Divergence from the "fundumentals" is ONLY justified if one believes the company will grow. In these case, there's no f-ing way MCZ will grow to 4x their current levels, which would yield a P/E of 20 instead of 80, and thus come close to justifying the price.

        You dip shits know the company can't do this.

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