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  • jbear937 jbear937 Dec 21, 2005 3:53 PM Flag

    From MCZ Investor relations

    Below is the response I recieved from investor relations....Trying to get them to come out with some news...Earnins for Q3 looks like they will released Feb 7th...that is when we should see a good size bump (as long as earnings are good of course)....

    Mr. Black,
    Thank you for your interest in Mad Catz Interactive. We truly appreciate your input regarding the lack of press releases and communication with the public. You are correct that the current quarter, 3Q06, will end December 31st, 2005. As of today, MCZ has not officially scheduled the conference call to discuss the results, but I can tell you that the corresponding call, for 3Q05, was held on February 7th, so I would expect the date to be around the same time in 2006.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Carol A. Young
    Jaffoni & Collins Incorporated
    104 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10011

    Phone - 212/835-8500
    Fax - 212/835-8525

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    • Fair question..Feeling is based on the gaming cycle (5 year cycle) with the next gen consoles being released (Xbox, PS, Nintendo), plus the strong growth in Europe, the added distribution, the holiday season (which is always strong for the cat), and the fact the stock is trading at a very good price to book value now.

    • "Any rebuttals?"

      Time will tell.

      Mark this post.


    • PS:

      You'll notice I did NOT put any pps estimates in...dealing with the numbers as I see them and I have no idea what the herd is going to do here...however, I do know we are NOT going to be nearly as profitable as same quarter last year. This is the difference for everyone tracking last year's price and where we are....last year margin percentage was 48% higher than it is this year...and we have the $2 million speed bump to jump first....

    • Jmat, I refer you to ms 45189. Any rebuttals?

    • Bob, Bob Bob, (shaking my head in disbelief)
      Call Carol at IR. A real nice lady getting paid by the PR. She likes to talk, and will tell you stories that will make your short hairs curl!!! Ask her about her transit strike experiences. I almost tossed my cookies.

      If my kid spills milk in my keybboard again, I'm going to havvvve cccccccccccheap labbbor avvvvailable. You only have to zap him a few timemmms with the ccccattle prod to get him off the puter.

      No I don't care if U mention other stocks (I bought HOM- POS), please do.

      Merry Holidays

    • That's been my experience exactly.
      The memory cards and cables seem to be extremely popular and are good quality.
      I think the next Q may surprise.


    • Just returned from Best Buy in Daytona, FL. They stocked Mad Catz Gameshark and NFL controllers as well as other accessories. MS and Logitek controllers were displayed is a special 360 display. Mad Catz was displayed with other controllers in game shelves section. I asked the salesclerk which controllers were selling best. He said the MS tends to sell best but that Mad Catz was pretty popular. Almost all the MC accessories (memory cards, cables) were sold out.

    • Caj, go back to Best Buy.
      I think the MCZ controllers are being sold under the GameShark name.
      I'll bet they're there and I'll be they're selling.


    • "In addition, many posters have indidcated that they don't see the stuff in stores, you can't get answers from the PR company (which I contacted a month or so ago) and nothing comes out positive."

      This is true Bob, the only place I have seen them and they are old and few is Target and WalMart. Costco, no, BB, no and the CC, at least here.

    • Is that Batavia NY?


      • 1 Reply to labob1998
      • No Batavia Ohio....I do know where Batavia NY is...The one in Ohio is just a few outside of Cincinnati (WHODEY, go Bengals)....

        On a side note look at the historic prices from last year I believe they were in the low 70's around this time as well, and in feb and mar they shot up after earnings...if we beat last years earnings we should see a similiar result...if earning stink then it is kitty litter time :)

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