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  • meifud meifud Jan 25, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    let's be honest -- tritton is the Studebaker of the headset market

    and the turtle, as general motors, is having their way with them. you can all quit posting nonsense about the inevitability of the little guy taking market share, that the leader somehow has nowhere to go but down. think studebaker, think general motors, open your eyes and see the absolute growing domination.
    our only hope is that the headset market is growing even faster than turtle beach which might allow time for tritton to establish some sort of niche for itself. but we ain't got much time because there are lots of others who have climbed into this market at all sorts of price levels. in no time at all, the margins will be razor thin and that brave new passionate player profit world our ceo envisioned will have evaporated.

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    • Mei, you are only half-right, it is the Stud of the headset market.

    • Yep Turlte beach is the big player in the market, so what? what is your point? This is a 50 cent stock, not a $50 stock. As someone said Tritton has grown by over 20% for each of the last 8 quarters. It doesn't need to be the number 1 player in the market, or even number 2, it just needs to grow and be profitable. That's it.

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      • first of all, it never ceases to be issue on this board -- the idea that it is only a penny stock and therefore entitled to special treatment. well, the stock price is inverse to the number of shares. so this could just as well be a $50 stock just like apple could be a .50 cent stock. the company decided how many shares to offer in the initial and that is what threw us into this speculative little price range.
        next, stop with nonsense meaningless percentage comparisons. when something starts at zero it is quite easy to achieve big percentage gains, initially. and is the line up has filled out we are now seeing a plateauing of those percentages.
        finally, yes, it just needs to grow and be profitable. but what in the world leads you to believe that they will grow now that tritton has entries in all price ranges? tritton has NOT held its share in year over year comparison at any of its price levels. the only way it has been able to show growth is by adding product to fill out the price spectrum. that's now done, unless you think there's a market for a $400 headset. so, based on what has been out there for a year, the growth is over -- so it fails your criteria.

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