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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Feb 1, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    mcz needs a definitive report

    .....if we are to get some volume going. Certainly, naysayers will cynically bet on getting that volume on a bad report with folks running for the exits. However, MCZ is very cheap now. IMO, any price in the .50s reflects ongoing disappointment already. We need to break the spirit of disappointment. This report could do it for us, IMO....but we need a definitive that folks can agree is a definitive report in that communicates the general perception of solid performance amidst the reports of its peers in terms of current performance and forward outlook. I'm very optimistic that MCZ will allay enough disappointment to get us on the right path.....but the optimism on my part is mere opinion....what I believe is common sense fact is the matter of needing a definitive report of some kind to get us out of this malaise of low price, low volume.

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    • It is a given that last years horrible 3Q is not a reliable benchmark.. Any headline associated with yoy growth will be dismissed unless we see performance on par with 2011 revs and 2007 margins..The next ER is truly a watershed moment and I for one can't wait to see what chef darren has coming out of the mcz kitchen tuesday.
      Either the le grande reinvention is a success or a failure will be illuminated for all to see come tuesday..If this is truly the new mcz with all these new high margin goodies then the cake which is being baked must be filled with record breaking revs and topped with loads of profit..Unfortunately, chef darren is known for serving up saltines...

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    • I'm in agreement with you that a negative view is already baked into the stock price, and that there's not very much risk going into this call. I'm disappointed that we're still sitting in a slack tide situation for so long; just a small increase in average volume over last few weeks, and little price movement. I don't think the tide is going any lower; hopefully we get a surge after Tuesday.

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    • hopeful200 Remember ,we were trading in same range after the last report .
      last report: revenues 31.2 million and .56 cents a share range . I am optimistic that
      on sales above 50-million and a profit that we will be higher priced. I also think great
      things are happening and will continue to take place abroad! Look at all the asian faces
      on madcatz's website!

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      • Hopeful,
        Darren has been atrocious in the guidance area, and he needs to open up exponentially in order to satisfy existing shareholders and try to spark interest in new investors. MCZ is essentially a new company and he needs to keep stressing that and explaining how the new MCZ is rapidly not dependent on the 3rd quarter for its profitability for the year. He literally does not have the right to continue failing to give guidance, and we should take him to task publicly on the CC if he does not open up. I have recently written to him complaining about his style of communications--he is running a public company, not a fiefdom.

    • i'm very optimistic about this report and some type of announcement regarding a new developement or two.

      i hope Darren crushes the remain shorts! They embarrassed him. People like to get even. It's human nature.

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      • Yes, after the failed attempt to get listed on the NASDAQ with a reverse split management has egg on its face, and can't be happy with how the stock was crushed by the shorts. I have to think that management would still like to get the NASDAQ listing to limit the trading shenanigans. Hopefully they think they can get to $4 now without a reverse split.

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      • Emory,
        I hadn't really thought about it that way....that the shorts embarrased him. That's probably true and how you or I would feel in his postion. While I don't think DR should have treated his loyal stakeholders like he has at times with regard to ssemingly trying to keep us in the dark, perhaps we will benefit from his keeping the shorts in the dark.....if that's what is really going on. If that's the case, indirectly speaking, he would have been looking out for us. Thanks for the thought.
        IMO, Hopeful

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