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  • telecomguru telecomguru Feb 6, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    OK, I'll say it, Darren FIRE your sales team...there I said it...

    They stink...Gamestop out of stock...why??

    I feel Gamestop saw TB NOT moving and didn't opinion, but something is WAY Wrong...

    Products ranked so HIGH, then OUT OF STOCK at CRITICAL time....

    Why didn't they RE-ORDER...more Halo 4???? and tons of other products...

    Sales team is where i would FOCUS....

    I watch the channels CLOSELY, hard to understand "OUT OF STOCK" at PEAK SEASON...


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    • Darren may have answered "why?" indirectly on two occasions during his cc. First he said something along the lines of having produced the appropriate level of inventory, and another time referred to not having a lot of inventory left over which means pricing won't have to be dropped as much to offload excess. So, did they plan for a certain level of inventory due to the uncertain economic issues? If so, he certainly should have given that plan out at the previous cc. Was his sales force inadequate and therefore removed? Did he not have the capital to fund more inventory? Does he not have the available manufacturing capacity to have more produced?

      If he would only give the company's owners the answers so we would know which one was the reason.

      Would be nice if they were smart enough to have maximized profit while minimizing exposure to having a ton of inventory left over. Although if that was the case, I'm sure we would have heard it.

    • "FIRE your sales team"
      I'm not sure MCZ has a sales team. Relying on come hither sales might not be a good thing??

    • I slowly started selling on Black Friday and was about the only one here sounding legitimate warning bells about out of stocks. Guru, Micro, Hopeful, and others blew me off. Everone had an excuse or said it was a temporary glitch. I banged it again on Cyber Monday. Nobody cared. I banged away repeatedly that Best Buy was dumping the Warhead. Nobody believed me. Right up until Monday night I posted that a disappointment was likely. I was attacked and accused of being short. I called out Richardson for being arrogant and failing to execute yet again. I was hammered. I angered many by saying that the idiotic web site rankings were meaningless and trying to predict numbers from them was a joke.

      All the signs were there. But the longs on this board are incredible. They fell in love with this #$%$ company and took her back no matter how many times she cheated on them.

      Unfortunately I still have a few thousand shares left. But the bad news for the shorts is that today is about as bad as it gets. The company reported a HORRIBLE quarter. AND they warned about Q4. AND they warned of continued pricing pressure all upcoming year. AND the CEO warned that if things don't improve soon, that he would take it private. AND he said that are really NO big new products coming soon. AND he said not to expect any meaningful revenues from any Gamesmart products any time soon.

      There it is. TERRIBLE. On all fronts. And the stock lost 12 cents. But they made a nickel in the quarter and will likely lose only a penny or two all year. Bottom is right about here. Dead money going forward as far as the eye can see. Hopefullly a buyout later this year.

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      • You were right? In the same way that a stuck clock is right twice a day maybe. Tritton and Cyborg both had very solid quarters. Mad Catz brand was down $10M. Show me the post where you talked about that? Not that it matters one way or the other. The score is kept on the bottom line and if you're in the black while others are in the red, then you're doing something right.

        This stock has the highest concentration of "mom and pop" retail investors of any stock I've ever owned, and it shows. I hope most of the more "nervous" types bailed yesterday and today. The story here is far from over, and it will be a much smoother ride without them.

    • He did cut back per Allyson Evan's "The decrease in operating expenses was primarily driven by a strategic reduction in headcount in the sales and marketing team." Maybe if they had not cut back they would have sold more product.

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      • maybe 'replace' would have been better...

        Marketing, Advertising, etc. is terrrrrirble.....damage inc on a racing car??? #$%$???

        Just how much drunk rednecks are pilots anyway?

        I understand the 'shoestring' budget.....death...

        But a GREAT marketing outfit will get 5 to 10x the investment or more ....

        just be ready to PRODUCE...


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It was smart. They've increased the cash pile. They can use that accordingly to add growth here. Maybe buy another Tritton for next to nothing. Being careful bodes well for the future. The companies Audio arm is growing rapidly. PC arm growing quickly. Mobile will grow quickly. Console release to seriously grow quickly. Existing consoles will continue to add 3 years out. Sometimes you have to pull back the elastic even further back for the catapult to fire the projectile even further.

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