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  • sidneydane sidneydane Feb 6, 2013 10:48 PM Flag

    Legacy products.

    Cuban or anyone? Started a new thread on this because the message board seems to be deleting post. Do you think MCZ is dumping the Mad Catz branded items and are focusing on their other branded products?

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    • What most people forgot about this quarter was that last year they relaunched Rockband 3. I raised that in emails to some posters off board as a concern, as you saw the drop off in speciality controllers from last year Q3 at 24% of sales to this year's Q2 which saw only 14% for speciality controllers. I backed out $4million for RB3 to get to my estimate of $51Million for the quarter but it was still a little high.

      The report to me was not at all bad and shows growth in the right areas and increased profitability. The problem with this stock, and I mean the stock, not the company, is the way it is held and traded. I have never seen a message board like this, I have never witnessed individuals be so reactive one way or the other, hence the high beta. Fundamentally, I think what we have here is a bunch of individual investors who own a decent company, but are expecting it to be their lottery win, and when it doesn't come in to meet their high expectations, and those expectations are not based on anything concrete, it's the end of the world and they panic. And vice versa. The company, is doing quite nicely, but that matters little it seems. So now after one report, people are saying just sell the company for 80 cents when in fact it's worth a lot more than that, well if i wanted to buy this company, that would be music to my ears and I would move right now. I would buy every single share that is being sold right now and put in a bid for 80 cents, I would get the innovative, award winning, high growth Tritton and Cyborg brands, $125 million in sales.... for $50 million. I would save costs by incorporating it into my current structure, increase the margins and my shareholders would say it was the deal of the century. That deal is now 100% on IMO, in fact, I would say any CEO in the space, not looking at acquiring MCZ, all or part, is not doing their job correctly. The coming insider buy window will be telling.

    • eightball126 Feb 6, 2013 10:51 PM Flag

      The ONLY brands are

      Madcatz(dropped cyborg)

      so, no.

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