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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Feb 7, 2013 1:15 PM Flag


    Add equal parts of each to your portfolio and be really happy in 6 months....enough to forget about the last two days, then when MCZ starts heading up into Christmas you will be really really happy.

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    • thanks uptab,
      navr is near its 52-week high? Did I miss the train? report looks good.what is major news for the
      horizon with navr? thanks

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      • Go back to Sept, 2011, that is when Willis became CEO and B&D got real control. They are very good competent managment with a vision of profitable growth that they are now executing. The biggest moves in the last year are a ton of house cleaning and merging with SPEED 3 months ago. You can read about SPEED in the Nov PRs and updated guidance there as well. Best thing for you to do is go to the navarre website and listen to the Q3 cc from Tuesday morning.

        I doubt if NAVR will spike up, I sort of see it steadily climbing Q after Q as they continue to execute on their growth plan and the SPEED numbers become real to Navarre.

        I see it at $3 by Christmas and $5 in 2 years and likely $10 in 4 or 5 years......or a bigger fish buys them in 18 months at $4.5.

    • Just like MCZ did this year??

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      • hey johnboy (girl?), whether mcz is 30 cents or 70 cents, it is all the same to me. I'm not a flipper, when I buy a stock, I'm in it for 3X or 10x or 20x my money.

        mcz could go down to 20 cents, so what? that point I'll double down and own about 1/200th of the company...still not alot but enough to be happy when it crosses $2....YET AGAIN.

        ...or, more likely, mcz gets bought out within 9 months for between 80 and 90 cents., then I'm at least paid for my time and investment.

        do I sometimes lose big? absolutely never. most I've ever lost is 100% (most recently on EK) but again, so what? a few 3 to 5 baggers dwarf any 100% loss. EK bad example, loss wasn't quite 100% since I had sold covered calls along the way. WM better example, that one still bugs me since our government lead the takedown.

        good luck to you, i enjoy your posts, they make me happy I am me and not you

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