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  • emoryhowie emoryhowie Feb 7, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Did anyone else think it was odd that Darren started the cc mentioning bankruptcy of other companies?

    "Hey - lets get off to a positive start by mentioning other businesses in our field have taken bankruptcy"

    And the way he said it was like he knew it was bad but HAD to say it. Almost like he regurgitated it.

    I think it was planned. Nobody with any sense would have said something like that. Its almost too transparent that they are trying to steal this company from shareholders.

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    • "Did anyone else think it was odd that Darren started the cc mentioning bankruptcy of other companies?"

      I took it as DR's way of saying, "just in case you haven't been paying attention, things are really bad out there right now." His way of "softening the ground" so to speak.

    • Considering that the remark accompanied the reporting of improvements in virtually every other financial metric EXCEPT top-line sales, why would you jump to the assumption it was anything other than a reference to the possibility of picking up market-share from the fallen competitors?

      He DID go on to explain that the sales drop off after Black Friday seemed due to a reversal of consumer sentiment, and while he did not spell out that was due to concern that the "fiscal cliff" was not being addressed, and that the average consumer worried about holiday spending while future abrupt tax increases were on the table, you DID hear about that, right? It was in all the papers, on every news broadcast, every day and every night throughout the month of December.

    • Yes, Emory,
      who knows how this Q is going when we keep seeing and hearing items out of stock and continue
      to be not placed in brick and mortars....I plan on exiting before may1 and you having been around
      for awhile should do so too. It is hard to accept this sledgehammer to our psyche's but he did
      not say anything to convince us enough that this is no longer a seasonal company...this company
      while showing good trends is really flying by seat of pants and I don't think Darren knows at this
      point what sales will be for spring/summer....the bashers are relentless during the summer months
      as you well know...good luck I think when I exit it may be my last cat trade!

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      • I've always been a paranoid person and think there are more cheaters in the world than honest people. If you have a piece of land that you know has gold on it, would you tell the current land owner that you want to buy his land because THERE IS GOLD ON IT? No!

        i think the sentiment that you and others feel has been intentionally planted by Darren. 1. convenient $100k loss for 2nd Q. 2. Just coming in below previous year's revs for 3rd Q. 3. "oh, many in our field have taken BK this year..."

        Don't be a sucker! Or have a very good attorney.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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