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  • dannylct dannylct Aug 5, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    $1.50 to $2 like in 2011 What will it take?

    Would it take another 2yrs if they can make it happen? Is MoJo going to do it/- i'm in the not camp on this. But do they become a .05 cent stock before they trade/staying above a buck??

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    • The potential market for MOJO is enormous, but there will also be competition. MCZ is coming to the game with a unique perspective on hardware, and they're not interested in doing content deals, etc. This will make a lot of people happy, but also make MCZ completely reliant on the quality of the product.

      A successful delivery of MOJO would push MCZ very high; they're a mature company with the market cap of a 10-person shop.

      To me, the major questions are whether MCZ can get a really compelling product out there in a timely manner. How are they going to handle the strategic financing? Are they going to partner up? Are they a candidate for takeover, and is that something they even want?

      There are a lot of questions, but my belief is that, if you took MOJO entirely out of the picture, and just left MCZ with it's legacy products, and no specific 'killer app' prospects, you'd have a .35 or .40 stock, based on balance sheet and existing operations.

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