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  • telecomguru telecomguru Aug 23, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    Nvidia SHIELD...What's to stop EVERYONE from making an ANDROID CONSOLE??

    especially those with $$Billions$$ to play with...Yes I know the Shield is a 'portable' device, just one step away from ruining the party.....

    Is gamesmart just a bluetooth smart 'eco' system?

    What's PROPRIETARY about this?

    I can think of 200 companies who could design a console within NO TIME....


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    • Shield and MOJO are two very different products, especially on retail pricing. MOJO is going to be in the $125-$150 range, and will be a not-specifcally-portable device with no screen and remote controllers.

      If MCZ can't bring MOJO out for a retail price of $149 or less, I'll agree with your post - they'll be playing in the wrong sandbox.

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      • not the point....

        I think I could design a similar MOJO in an afternoon. (Android based console with video/audio outputs, wireless or wired ethernet, and wireless bluetooth smart.)

        By basically putting EXISTING pieces together. and writing a TON of LICENSING agreements. GOOD BYE MARGINs...

        Where Micro was confused at the point I was trying to make, was I believed this was some sort of NEW design....and it might be....

        I felt for SURE it would have an ADVANCED graphics accelerater and NOT a scaled down SOC (system on a chip) due to not having the same power requirements as a mobile device. Since no one really knows the specifications, though I keep hearing TEGRA 3/4 based, it remains speculative at this point.

        The GAMESMART part seems interesting but TOTALLY unnecessary in my eyes. I could design a box and use EXITING wireless 802 technology. (Bluetooth Smart can be HAD) But again, an 'eco-system' of devices may hold some PROPRIETARY aspects....

        LOOK: THE REASON I LIKED WARHEAD WAS DUE TO THE *****PROPRIETARY*****CUSTOM******* ABILITY OF THE DEVICE. I don't see that here....maybe the CAT can show me wrong....I hope so....


    • telecomguru, The greatest thing EVER that could happen to Mad Catz and MCZ is for 200 companies to design and release a console within no time. That is the WHOLE point of GameSmart and MOJO and this entire effort. Everyone involved in these type of products wants there to be a great big new market and these are efforts to help it form and grow and evolve. That a tiny boutique design house like Mad Catz is taking a leadership role and the FACT that some BIG PLAYERS (like Amazon) are following is a credit to Mad Catz and provides hope for a bright future for the industry, the company, and MCZ.

      Remember, Mad Catz is a tiny, tiny company that doesn't need a $2billion product hit and 80% market share to be successful. All they need to do is capture a small piece of the pie and every MCZ owner will be staring at a 5 bagger by Summer, 2014.....unless they get swallowed by a bigger fish before that.

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      • Agree, Tab. The point of MOJO is to get a small piece of the actual console market, and to have presence for sales of peripherals.

        It's sort of a funny post by Telecom, because it applies to ANY consumer electronic product without a truly proprietary component (fewer and fewer, since consumers don't like being in lockdown).

        One thing to add: There ARE some specific advantages has over the competition. They have a hardware-centric approach, and a pretty good history of engineering. They are a known brand in the gaming world.

        There are disadvantages: They won't be able to do the volume of mega-competitor. They won't be able to develop 2nd and 3rd gen devices as quickly as a company which can throw 500 Engineers at it, and they don't have the muscle on production schedules / costs.

        I'm still foreseeing a partnership somewhere for MCZ, just to get access to resources for producing the volumes needed to capitalize.

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    • Nothing. If the competition smells even a faint whiff of Android console success, there will be more Android consoles than #$%$ on craigslist.

      MCZ to 20 cents.

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