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  • kingly2012 kingly2012 Aug 26, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Screw these forums at geekshows, M.O.J.O. deserves an in depth press release....


    The second info is available on product to Holiday BUYING PUBLIC GAMERS as its available...There I said it...the product is to important and the info is needed for investing in the company timely. This is stupid.

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    • I wonder what is the price with MOJO with build in NVIDIA? if it Sub USD50 it will fly if not it will die

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      • You talking about $50 wholesale cost, or retail price to customer?

        In any case, I believe you're mis-interpreting the product and it's value. It's very, very unlikely it's going to be in the $50 range, even wholesale, and definitely not if it has an NVIDIA chip (which there's no specific reason for it to have).

        This is a NON-MOBILE device WITHOUT cell capabilities. It requires good CPU performance, and very good GPU performance. It doesn't have specific form factor, weight, or power constraints, and, of course, it DOES have cost constraints.

        All of those together don't obviously say "MUST BE TEGRA!" or "MUST BE SNAPDRAGON!". Those are cool chips FOR THE MOBILE WORLD, but not necessarily the best solution for MOJO. Now, I know it' would be 'cool' to say "Tegra4!", since that seems to be what the spec monkeys (even those on this board) want to hear, but it's not NECESSARILY the best engineering / business solution.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You're a legend in your own mind, swiss.

    • kingly, Why not be smart and buy more shares. This is a decent entry point. Look at the 6 month chart, pretty obvious we would end up here or a few pennies lower for a day or three....until we move up to the next level. And stop with all the MOJO fascination, that is not why the stock is neading up....well only in an ancillary (sp?) way. Or better yet, buy some other stocks as well so you can drive those owners nuts instead of us. Cheers.

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