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  • oc_ca oc_ca Sep 23, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    To those that have been around for some time

    We have seen this stock do this many times in the past. Short term buzz and climb, only to later come tumbling quickly back down. My question to you is what made it do that the past times (i honestly dont remmeber)? Is it different this time?

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    • It was always the perception that the company was taking a big leap into adulthood, and/or would become a likely competitor or target of Logitech. I don't have an explanation for why it always came back down, but I'd swear when I first started trading this stock they had only 25m shares (now 63m). IMO all the rises were justified; great little company. Glad to still be trading it and rooting for success.

    • I think if it breaks a dollar we might see a jump, but if it stays at or below a dollar it will sink again.

    • Anticipation and expectation is making it run; it'll undoubtedly reach some saturation point or point of mania. The real question is how MOJO and PS4 all pans out, but the beauty of the situation is that that'll take MONTHS(until next spring), so you can really play this any way you want if you have already built up a position-- question IMO isn't that you'll make money, it's how much. Any news is just going to goose this stock, and there won't IMO be any disappointments to knock it down in a big way. It'll sustain until spring-- anticipation until spring and then reality, for better or worse, hits. I intend to gently and delicately sell half my position (660K shares as of this moment) above a buck, even with the sneakin' suspicion that I'll lose sizable profits. With my stake, I need liquidity of big volume days and I'm getting old and conservative. If it runs crazy after that, I may even sell out, except that I would HATE to see this company finally arrive without me. For me, everything hinges on Mojo related news and the next CC. Insiders are buying, so Darren will no doubt do his best to inspire confidence going into the holidays. The only danger to this entire scenario, by the way, is MOJO time table disappointment, and even that may just present buying ops for a lot of people who think it is going to deliver in a huge way.

    • Is it different? You have to live history.

    • Take an educated guess, before the answer is giving. I will give you a tip this is a gaming stock.

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