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  • microcaptrader microcaptrader Oct 9, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    A september article I read recently puts the number of OUYA's sold...

    at a "conservative" 100k plus. That's @ $99 for a Tegra 3 and limited games/apps. I don't think MOJO will have any problem beating that number in 3Q14. Even at $250.

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    • What are the "in game" advantages of Tegra 4 over Tegra 3? The reviews of Ouya aren't that positive mostly due to its limited access to games. I have no idea as to how many Ouya customers will be upgrading to a premium MOJO, but my guess is that the percentage will be small.

      Don't forget that Ouya's pre-order campaign was done through Kickstarter, so it was basically a social partnership between the company and its target customers. About 60,000 people pre-ordered through Kickstarter, so that is 60k in sales even before it hit the stores. Another 4k reserved a gamer tag, so you can be sure that most of these people bought a system once they could touch it. To get to your conservative 100k figure (lets call it 120k) it would mean that in 4 months the retail channel has only matched the presale volume.

      MCZ is doing a presale too, but it isn't crowd-funding the product. Based on the current level of MOJO buzz I'd be surprised if they do 5k in presales before December 10th.

    • I keep telling myself not to post here and spend time doing something productive, but Ouya was very much hyped. Mojo was not. The article yesterday seemed to be the first time most gamers had ever heard of Mojo. This is why some people question DRs leadership. Given that fact and the reaction to that article (and the price for that matter) I very much doubt Mojo will sell nearly as well as the Ouya. The only hope for shareholders is the Asian, possibly Euro markets. I don't know even it's available over there.

    • Micro,

      Do you think they will have 100k units available? I know they have the money to produce it, but this "limited run" has me perplexed as to how many units will actually be made to sell this quarter.


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