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  • meifud meifud Dec 3, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    mcz backpedaling fast on m.o.j.o. expectations that THEY created

    make no mistake, m.o.j.o. was presented and advertised as being the heart of the gamesmart initiative that was going to address a market much, much, much bigger than xbox or ps consoles, and we were all lead to believe by the rhetoric and introduction, that it would be a mega-product this xmas and would revolutionize gaming going forward.
    but much like obama, mcz is now trying to rewrite history as they realize they grossly mischaracterized the product and misunderstood the market as their signature achievement is in fact a failure.
    but never fear, the pumpers here will find some obscure, small website where m.o.j.o. is accomplishing something, just as they are wont to find some meaningless percentage comparisons from some insignificant market to claim that keyboards or mice or a particular headset is selling -- all while the all important amazon rankings showing a complete disaster across the board for mcz this season

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    • Not one of best written pieces since there is not a single fact, quote, or reference to support your speculative theory. But congratulations as I enjoyed your eloquent style. I'd suggest you might seriously consider writing a fiction novel.

    • MOJO is the heart of the gamesmart initiative. The gamesmart initiative is just MOJO and 4 different Bluetooth peripherals. Mojo is the heart of the GS initiative because you need it to use the other devices ... FOR NOW. They have other product lines and quite a few products outside of the GS initiative; so MOJO being the heart of the GS initiative DOESN'T IMPLY anything about total revenue, or how many MOJO consoles they will sell.

      If you can't interpret a simple statement in an earnings CC like that "heart of the GS initiative" statement correctly, you shouldn't be trading MCZ long or short.

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      • They have been using more flowery language since adding their PR guy, that's true. But they have also said that MOJO has been their focus during the past year, and were building it when competitors were launching $100 devices, so they must have concluded that there is a market for it.

        Then you have their well-reviewed $100+ keyboards and mice, without MOJO front and center who is going to possibly buy those, except for the PC gamer crowd? Someone spending $100 on a Ouya isn't spending an extra $250 on a keyboard and mouse.

        The CTRLr was supposed to be available separately prior to the MOJO launch and it still doesn't have an MSRP. If it was on the market it could be taking some sales away from the Nvidia Shield, and maybe even help to create a bit of a market for controller-less MOJO option.

    • Man, I usually don't bother, but you're just pulling stuff out of your FUDhole at this point. MCZ did not ever once say that MOJO would be a big product for the holiday 2013 season. NOT ONCE. They didn't even announce until 10/10 that ti would be available before Christmas, and they were VERY specific on the November call that it would not have meaningful revenue.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • 8thwaste Dec 3, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

      You are right, a larger company should just buy us out at $2 per share and take us out of the game to end our suffering.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You really are a piece of work. This is the most desparate post I have ever read from you. Usually there is a sliver of truth in what you post, not this time. Sad way to make a living but whatever. See you at 55 cents by noon Friday.

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