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  • anilkoomar anilkoomar Jul 20, 2013 11:44 PM Flag

    Perfect execution

    I was able to sell my ZHNE shares, initially purchased for .85 average, for $2.12 in the morning. I was then able to convert those shares to OCLR shares before the runnup. I am very pleased not only with the conversion, but also the timing of the execution. These types of trades rarely happen this way and it takes a lot of luck and market timing. Better to be lucky than good....

    I am now very hopeful that we will see my price targets in OCLR. If this happens and ZHNE pulls back, It may be the perfect full circle trade Crossing my fingers...

    I have noticed several catalysts that can cause a share rise in OCLR. It has been a long week so you guys will have to wait until early next week before I can post and publish the list. I highly recommend those with small positions to add and those waiting on the sidelines to jump in both hands full as this is one of the best opportunities in the Optics sector to achieve 5 bagger and then 10 bagger status.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Your right about hindsight, OK you moved from zhone to oclr on July 20, it went down,
      the zhone you sold went up. Yet you called this "perfect".
      Maybe in stock market, perfection might be umm, arrogant before your trade is completed.

    • when you bailed from zhone and move oclr I thought I'd check it out.
      I guess I will lurk here till I understand what could get this company to profitablity?

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      • i cant believe how this has turned for the worst. I had sold ZHNE thinking a pullback to the 1.80's was inevitable and I would be offered a chance to buy back lower. I cant beleive the run even though long term I know it has potential to go way beyond.

        What surprises me more is the nature in which OCLR is trading and makes me wonder what is happening behind the scenes. Time is running out for these fools and the investors are paying a huge price for their inept execution.

        With all optics companies clicking on all cylinders, what is this company doing if they dont capitalize now.

        I wish I had my ZHNE shares back and never added here. I dont even think I have a case with scottrade making a newbie mistake since I bought OCLR shares with those funds.

        sigh :(

    • Hi Al,

      4th quarter yearend results from OCLR are generally delayed as I recall in recent years, and not coming out til the final week of Auguust.
      That may still be the case, maybe even more likely with Alain gone.
      What's you idea on the date for earnings?


    • ZHNE up 12% today while OCLR is down 5%.

      Was your execution still 'perfect'?

      Either way, don't forget to sell OCLR before 'earnings'. Its the easiest move to nail on all of Wall Street; so easy a koomar could do it.


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