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  • jyardagg jyardagg Sep 11, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    hope is dimming on idix in meantime

    ACHN is shining on.

    ACH 3102. watch that one my frieinds.

    turns out they want ACHN not IDIX like adam once thought.

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    • Agreed. Achillion is underpriced and Idenix is overpriced. Achillion has multiple Hep C drugs in the works which all vary a bit. Achillion and Idenix had been about equal until the whole Inhibitex disaster for BMS. Idenix has basically two drugs at this time which are very similar to one another and which may or may not cause the same problems as the Inhibitex drug did. If these Idenix drugs tank like the Inhibitex drug did then Idenix really has nothing left. As to the patent dispute with Gilead even that is 50/50 at to which company really developed the technology.

      And from a practical perspective if you were a doctor or patient and needed to take Hep C drugs would you take something currently FDA approved like the Vertex drug or the trial Achillion and/or Gilead Hep C drugs or go with something that might cause problems like the Inhibitex drug did? Point being you would choose something with less risk.

      I see comments having to do with charts and all. It is not about that. It is real simple - the matter is whether Idenix has any viable Hep C drug that it can bring to market and also make Idenix profitable. That is the key issue. If Idenix can be profitable then the stock will go up. If Idenix can't ever be profitable then this stock is not a good investment. Idenix had been looking promising until the Inhibitex disaster. Now Achillion is the hot take over target and no other big company is going to touch Idenix until there clarity that Idenix is not another Inhibitex.

      My take on Idenix is it is overpriced for the risk. One might easily lose all one's money. Vertex, Gilead and Achillion all have Hep C drugs FDA approved and/or in the works and such companies carry a lot less risk.

      If you want a cancer drug stock Threshold just dropped and certainly will climb back up. The drug helped extend lives by a few months for individuals with pancreatic cancer - one of the hardest and most deadly cancers. Threshold has multiple trials for its drug on multiple cancers. While the drug may not work on all cancers certainly it will work on some and eventually be FDA approved. Unlike Idenix there is not all or nothing risk with Threshold at the present time and unlike Idenix Threshold is moving into its Phase 3 trial for pancreatic cancer whereas everything with Idenix and its Hep C is on hold. Threshold could be a good stock to consider if you want to put your Idenix money and be able to buy at a lower point.

      Threshold's market cap $385M. Idenix $730M. Either Threshold is way under priced, Idenix way over priced or both. If anything Threshold has higher odds of bringing its drug to market now than Idenix.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell