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  • myprimitivesistas myprimitivesistas Jul 29, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Still AMAZES me that retail investers have NO clue why they have bought or are hanging on to this stock


    Can someone give a cogent argument why they like or do not like this stock - Specifics please (other than the stock price and Seth ) I thought so.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I like big money ninjas who buy on speculative smoke screens. Plus my financial advisor Thaddeus Griffin (whom you very much remind me of myprima) praised my choice. Ordinarily I wouldn't suggest googling some one however in this case I believe Thaddeus is worth a look.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I'm just the sort of ignorant, newbie investor (even if I can spell the word where you evidently cannot) you're contemning. Just to provide you something to make fun of (so I can learn even more from you), here goes:

      . Value of pipeline, research department and IP to larger pharma co
      . Vast size/potential of HCV market in relation to their efforts to develop an all-oral, direct acting, non-interferon HCV treatment. Their IDX-719 NS5a Inhibitor is considered special “because it is the first NS5a by itself to show pan-genotypic activity while competitors’ NS5a's are focused towards genotype 1.”
      . Promising new uridine nucleotide inhibitor (a nucleotide that apparently gave great results with animals, and which the FDA hasn’t yet upped and banned).
      . IP developed in areas other than HCV can now be developed without Novartis getting a share.
      . Balance sheet strong with 35% of current market cap in cash, and no debt. Dilution can be expected in 2014 before any significant revs are earned, but this seems priced in, in relation to prospects (see above)
      . Seth (Baupost)
      . (maybe the best reason) the evident knowledge and enthusiasm of myprimitive

      P.S. I am still catching up with all your magnificent posts on this board, but just wanted to say "thanks". Even when I have no clue to what exactly you are referring, the light tends to come on, however dimly, after a few more threads/posts.

    • good point but doesn't matter., if a monkey throwing darts to make stock picks ended up hitting IDIX, he'd still end up being a millionaire in less than ten years. by then all the smart people on this board will have sold in a panic. the monkey will have their shares and he'll have the last laugh.

    • Do NOT like it....Its a butcher....Sell anytime a rally to $4 1/2+.

    • sreitz Jul 29, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

      Get out while you can.