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  • humbled32 humbled32 Sep 1, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    Deck upgraded today by analysts

    they just talked about it in cnbc, did anyone get who upgraded it, I was bothered in the background and did not hear.

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    • Humble, looks like DECK is making downturn following rest of market. It can get ugly over the next couple of weeks. However, I don't think it will get down to 50's. Maybe 65-70 possibly.

    • One thing for sure. No matter what side of the market you are on, you need to hedge with offsetting positions. I am bearish on the general market. Would like to pick some DECK up around 70 because I do believe it is a good company. Nothing goes up or down forever.

    • I certainly don't see Deck going to the 50's unless a split is involved. Wishful thinking on your part, :). You can make a nice chunk of change just buying and selling with the market spreads, without getting greedy.

    • I hope market becomes panicked enough to take Deck to the 50s :)
      If you wanna buy stocks, you wanna buy as low as possible. I'd buy under 84, sell over 125.

    • Not sure when a buy out offer might come, but I don't see Deck going below 80 any time soon. Would like to see it hit 93 so I can sell, and then hope for a small pull back to get back in.

    • 40%! I did that 10 years ago,Nasdaq 5000. I was so sure its a 10 bagger. Stock tanked from 40 to 10. I keep my money in 50 positions nowadays. 3 brokerage accounts. 4 bank accounts. 20 countries through ETFs. Shell shocked.

    • I am not a fan of cramer. He is right sometimes and wrong on others.
      Deck is not SODA, it has the best management, and it has at least 3 big companies waiting for the stock to drop so they can buy it out at the 30% premium management would demand.

    • Cramer ! Christ. I saw him touting SODA on RealMoney. One month before the big blow up. He's nothing but pump and dump.

    • I am myself in dilemma.
      I am most in cash, and long in AAPL and DECK only (excluding some leftover LULU).
      short-long funds have failed miserably this year, as they cannot fight the machines. I decided to go long with strong stop losses and understanding of value. I do not think we get a huge sell off soon. Everyone is positioning for a big sell-off, this is a loser's game to join the crowd. There's more likelihood to a short squeeze, the market is funny. but I cannot predict anything, sticking to rules. I will add to Deck 40% of my savings if it ever goes below 80 before the coming earnings report.

    • Alright. You win. Looks like DECK has a lot of growth left in her. Plenty of buyers even after this run up.
      Now I 'm looking for a price point to cover. Still think we get a market sell off in the afternoon before tomorrow's job number. Everything is overbought, market has to pull back to attract new buyers.

      Trying to be market neutral. Half long half shorts. Risk of a 500 point move either way is too high.

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